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Jan 18, 2008 05:10 AM


I did a search and found only one mention of Aleo on this board(and that was about its garden). Has anyone been there recently, or does anyone have any thoughts on this place?

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  1. I went there on a weeknight a few months ago and was not very impressed with the food. Everything was average, I thought. We were one of few tables in the restaurant - consequently we had good service including a free plate of antipasto and after dinner drinks. All in all it was a fine experience, but I certainly haven't been running back since. Though I was thankful to get the 1000 opentable dining points...

    1. We went once a few summers ago. We chose it especially to sit in the garden, which was quite nice Of course, that's not an option right now. But we haven't rushed back because as mcncheesey said, the food was nothing special. So, even a chance to sit in the garden again wouldn't be an inducement for me to return.

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          1. Thanks, mac and RGR, for the replies. I do think I'll pass, based on your input, although, like mac,I thought that 1000 points from OpenTable was tempting!!!

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              Yes, but always beware that if the 1000 points are offered at prime dinner time, there is something wrong with the restaurant. I have been to Aleo too, and it was decent but not remarkable (and overpriced).