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Jul 17, 2001 02:12 PM


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we are going down to the new park and would like any suggestions for where to eat around there and any comments from anyone who has been to any of the places either inside or outside of the park

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  1. Funny you should ask, because I just read a thread that said the Blue Bayou (in the original park) has great Monte Cristo sandwiches (a scarcity here in LA!). So I know those are good at least.

    1. Just had brunch at Brennan's Jazz Café at downtown Disney (a promenade outside of the park; no admission, and 3 hours free parking). We were a party of 11, and all enjoyed our choices (omelets, gumbo, salads, chicken). Not Disneyfied New Orleans fare, but not truly the real-deal Brennans, either - a pleasing middle ground. I thought it a bit pricey for what it was, but would go back. There's a trio playing jazz at brunch, and during their breaks, Dixieland is piped in. Typical Disney kitschy pseudo New Orleans decor. Excellent service.

      1. Los Angeles Magazine just issued it's annual restaurant issue and listed Catal as one of the 10 best new restaurants. It's in Downtown Disney.

        Operated by the Patina Group, it's "Mediterranean-inspired"

        I've never been but to make this list seems quite a coup (included on this list are also Josie, Temple, and Zax), they are in good company.

        1580 Disneyland Drive
        Anaheim 714-774-4442

        1. I recently went to the House of blues, at Downtown Disney and wanted to get dinner before the show. I was very disapointed when I arived and found every restaurant was full, and most had an hour wait. I ended up at the bar at HOB eating Buffalo strips and Garlic Mashed potatos,very Tasty but not what I was after. plan ahead and put your name in early. most of the restaurants had a sign up sheet,its a fun place to walk around, but alot of places make you wait in line,just like the rides. Inside the park there is realy good clam chowder and sandwiches in New Orleans Square.

          1. If you're going to California Adventure, my wife and I had a very good dinner at the wine restaurant inside (Mondavi, I think). Best I've had yet in OC.