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Jan 18, 2008 04:36 AM

Hainan Chicken

i used to be able to order Hainan Chicken from some Chinatown restaurants but I think most of them that had it had closed down.
Can any of you CHs recommend the restaurants where they have good hainanese chicken in the Boston area?

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  1. To add a data point, I had it at Aneka Rasa and was disappointed- no flavor, and they cooked it all the way through, which is just wrong. I'm pessimistic about finding a restaurant that will serve "undercooked" chicken and not get shut down by the hygiene police.

    1. Is Penang in Chinatown still there? I didn't think their Hainan Chicken with rice was that bad.

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        Penang is still in Chinatown. I had the Hainan chicken a little over a month ago, and I think it is pretty good. The chicken was perhaps a little too oily and fatty, however it was tasty and tender. The rice was really flavoursome.

      2. According to a search of online menus, Pearl Villa and Joyful Garden have it.

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        1. re: Luther

          I had the dish at Pearl Villa and it was really good... but it was more than a year ago.

        2. Rod Dee does a decent job on the Thai version of the dish. It's their weekly special on Thursdays.

          1. The former Penang, now Rendang, in Harvard Square at least used to offer a fine Hainan Chicken. I say "at least used to" only because I've had a few disapointing meals there in the last few months, after many years of better-than-decent Malaysian food when it was called Penang, and a noticable uptick in quality (and price) when it became Rendang.

            I admit to not having had the Hainan Chicken since just after it changed names (and it was excellent then) and I'm not sure whether the three disapointing meals I had were coincidence or evidence of a down-turn. Anyway, it is an option!

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              I heard Rendang fka Penang is now closed. Is this true? I rarely walk by that part of JFK.