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Jan 18, 2008 01:29 AM

Essex/Suffolk gastropubs

hello - am heading out to Essex-Suffolk from London for a drive on sunday - can anyone recommend a good place for sunday lunch?

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  1. We're rather fond of the food and service at the Crown and Castle in Orford - lovely village (with very good smoked fish to buy from the Oysterage next door) with a just long enough walk down to the Quay from the pub to make you feel you've worked off at least one glass of wine. Same people own the other pub in the village as well, but not tried it yet. Other thoughts would be a bit further up the coast to the Bell at Walberswick or the Crown in Southwold..

    Gastropubs in Essex - any recommendations would be really useful... been trying to find a decent one near the in-laws for many years. :(

    1. I don't know if your plans will take you near Maldon, but it's a lovely town on the water. Sorry to say I can't find the name of our friend's local (the food was good), but there are a lot of places on the quayside plus many pubs in the town. I hope you have good weather!