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Jan 17, 2008 09:30 PM

Fireplaces-- it's cold out.

My friend and I were trying to think of all the places in town to go to dine or better yet, have a drink, that you can sit near a working fireplace; we were drawing some mighty fierce blanks. I think the Columns has a fireplace, but it sure wasn't lit last time i was in there. any suggestions?

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  1. I would imagine that Lafitte's has one, but I don't recall it ever being used. I doubt most people in New Orleans would know how to start a fire. When I first moved up north I was scared i would do something wrong and burn down the house.

    1. Port O'Call used to light a fire in the front room...

      1. Chartres House or Chartres Room, whatever it's called on the corner of Chartres and whatever street that is.

        I've definitely been at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop when the fire was burning.

        This is a great topic.

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          My soon to be wife was just at Lafitte's on Jan 5th and said the fire was going.

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            I'm glad to hear they light it up at Lafitte's; I've never been fortunate enough to catch them when the fireplace was going. And thanks for all the help! I confess I'm still not entirely satisfied with our options yet. I've been missing how much more frequently you could stumble upon a fireplace in many a little restaurant or bar in various parts of New York during the winters. One would think it gets damp/chilly enough down here that we'ld utilise 'em more. Who can beat it for atmosphere! (I mean, we did have a fireplace in my house when I was a kid, so someone knows how to build em!) I'll keep searching...