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Jul 17, 2001 12:34 AM

i cugini in santa monica

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i was down in santa monica today & decided to try "i cugini" for a second time. i had loved the atmosphere the first time i went (great patio on ocean avenue), but the food was mediocre. well, i guess i should qualify that - my entree was mediocre (some sandwich that i can't remember), and my dessert was very good (a trio of desserts - creme brulee, bundini?, and some chocolate dish). well today, i tried the seabass prepared "adriatic style" with spinach, & roasted potatoes. it was excellent. for dessert, i sampled both the banana bombe (oreo cookie crust, bananas, vanila pudding, whipped cream - & overturned), and the tiramisu. i loved both of them. this place is growing on me - i expect to go back soon.

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