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Jan 17, 2008 08:40 PM

Where to find some really good tamales

Where can I find the best mexican tamales? I haven't eaten many tamales and at first I didn't think I liked them. Last week, my mother in law had some tamales that her friend had made...and it was really good. I was just wondering where else I could find some good tamales.
Any suggestions?

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    1. Juanito's is my fav. You can make a meal out of just one.

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        I 2nd Juanitos. I haven't had them in YEARS, Always went to La Mascota. However we had belated Xmas tamales today. the juanitos were twice as large and Juicy and tasty. For $1.55 each they are a best Buy!

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        1. The Hollywood farmer's market on Sundays has 2 great places to get them, though I like the place on the East end. I love their green corn tamales with the spicy hot sauce. Makes my mouth water. You can also buy bulk frozen, and steam them at home, which works great.

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            That's the Corn Maiden booth. Good stuff.

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              Yea, they are really delicious. I could eat them every day.

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              Second Corn maiden or also Gourmet Tamales, also found at some Farmer's MArkets (Encino and Studio City on Sunday.)

            3. La Mascota on Whittier Blvd. ( across from Johnny's Shrimp Boat ).
              Really good pollo & raja tamales.
              In business 50 years!