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Jul 16, 2001 09:41 PM

Japanese tea in Los Angeles?

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Anyone have suggestions on where to go for a Japanese tea ceremony in Los Angeles? (I am looking for the Japanese version of a British high tea.) The New Otani in Little Tokyo surprisingly doesn't have one.

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  1. The Japanese tea ceremony is nothing like the British High Tea. It is much more of a ceremony than a daily afternoon social occasion. I don't know anywhere in LA that it can be commercially viewed. It is more of a private ceremony where you would be invited into someones home to view. There are lots of places that have been mentioned on this site where you can go for green tea or other asian varieties. A number of them are on Sawtelle in West LA and one in Westwood. In the green tea ceremony the tea used is Sencha which is a powdered green tea. If you have iced green tea at Matsuhisa, it is sencha. If you get hot green tea there, it is regular green tea.

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      just for the sake of accuracy, the powdered tea of chado is matcha, not sencha. sencha is reasonable to good quality leaf tea. there is in fact an alternate, less well-known tea ceremony using sencha called Senchado..... is there a branch of urasenke school in los angeles perhaps?