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Jan 17, 2008 08:18 PM

STL: good restaurant for family party?

Will be in STL last week in March and want to organize a Saturday night get-together for a bunch of relatives. There will be around 30-40 people, including kids. A restaurant with a private room might be a good idea. Most of the relatives live in west St. Louis. Any suggestions?

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  1. You will get both more and better replies if you can be more specific, particularly about approximate price per person and whether you want alcohol for the adults. You should also realize that you might have a lot more availability and better pricing for renting a small place out or getting a large private room on a Sunday or early week eve than a weekend.

    I attended a great party for my mom's birthday on a Sunday evening at Cheeburger-Cheeburger, a modest-sized place in a west county mall that faces the parking lot. Our group of 60+ took over the entire place after 7:30, and since there was more focus on the socializing than the food, the staff just kept grilling and frying and bringing stuff out, until folks' tastes turned to desserts of ice-cream concoctions. No alcohol, but great fun. The problem for you is they wouldn't want to commit the whole place during prime dinner hour, and while such an atmosphere and fare is great for the kids, a late hour isn't. You really need to specify whether you want a sit-down dinner, a buffet, a food service where stuff is just put out continually, or...

    1. This is a tough one to plan because, of course, I live a long way from St. Louis. I never even considered the alcohol option because I don't drink, but my preference would be no alcohol because without alcohol, things are less expensive and everyone behaves better. And of course, Saturday is not the easiest night. This particular group recently had a family party at Cheesecake factory, so I think something similar to that (or Cheeburger) would work. Overall, I'm thinking casual, and that a buffet or limited menu would be best. Thanks for your help.

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        It stinks that there's no one locally willing to do the legwork for you! I'm not sure how familiar you are with St. Louis. You'll want to check out restaurants in Chesterfield, Ballwin, Manchester, Westport, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, maybe even Clayton.

        Check out saucemagazine dot com You can search for restaurants with banquet rooms. I'll say that Growler's pub in Creve Coeur has a free banquet room and you can do a meal for about $16/pp I'd bet they'd do kids for cheaper too. It would include an entree, salad, side, bread, soft drinks/tea/coffee. You can do cash bar or pay per drink if folks want cocktails. We've eaten at Growlers in Sunset Hills and the food's pretty good. It's a pub but we've brought our kids there early in the evening and I wouldn't hesitate to bring them to a party in a private room at any point in the evening.

      2. My inlaws had a nice private party for 35 or so at Farottas on Manchester in Rock Hill.


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          Doesn't Farotto's also have something out in the Valley? I think it may be a bit more upscale than in Rock Hill. The Rock Hill one is a nice family place. Nothing earth shattering, but good for a wide variety of tastes.

        2. It's possible this violates your no-alcohol thing on principle, but Schlafly's Tap Room downtown on Locust has very nice private rooms of varying sizes. I've hosted and attended many large-ish parties there, and the service and food has been great. I really like them because they're family owned, and being a local brewery, they fight the good fight against Budweiser.

          1. I have attended two parties at Limestones Bar and Grill in Maryland Heights. Its on a golf course, but is not a private club.
            The buffets were fantastic, and I believe they had a couple of different rooms for parties of different sizes.