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Jan 17, 2008 08:16 PM

Hot Chocolate?

Does anyone know where to get one? How bout at night? It's cold out and for the life of me I can't think of a place, much less a comfortable place, to get a cup...I'm not talking great hot chocolate either, just something that doesn't come from a packet. And ideally at a place that would be nice to sit at with your after-dinner date and that wasn't named Starbucks (or C.C.'s or PJ's for that matter, but especially not Starbucks) I got stuck last night, kept wracking the nog, "hotel bar, restaurant, bar, restaurant-bar, cafe?? where?!?" The boyfriend and I wound up eating two overly rich desserts at a lovely restaurant instead. Great, but I would have loved a cocoa.

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  1. Cafe Luna at Magazine & Nashville. Last year the kids had peppermint cocoa and they loved it.

      1. I had an outstanding (way better than what my friend got at sucre) at Prince Michael Chocolates on Magazine...near Aidan Gill

        it was slightly spicy, like a mexican hot chocolate and not too thick to enjoy

        come to think of it, the iced coffee I had there was exceptional also. made w/fresh espresso and coffee ice cubes...I was really surprised with the effort/result for that iced coffee...very tasty

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          Mmm, think I will be checking that one out real soon and glad it's not too thick. (I took a year off to live in New York and could not get into the super-thick hot chocolates that many of the fancier chocolatiers were serving. I know I'm sposed to appreciate the high quality of the chocolate, but I can't help feeling that I'm drinking melted pudding.)

          1. re: swampsue

            Ah, but that "melted pudding" texture is what gets me every time. If I only had a chocolate chaud from La Maison du Chocolate right now...

        2. Prince Michael is great.

          Also, Creole Creamery has good hot chocolate.

          1. It's not going to be as good as Prince Michael's, but I find it hard to beat a late night hot chocolate (or coffee) at Cafe du Monde.

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            1. re: Burgoober

              just got back from 2 weeks out of town and the first stop I made was CDM for a midnight au lait

              america might run on dunkin but I run on CDM~