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Jan 17, 2008 08:03 PM

Good Breakfasts (Vegetarian friendly) in Westwood Village?

Any suggestions for an early morning sit-down breakfast? Good, wholesome food is what I'm seeking. I have a meeting on campus tomorrow morning, and would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks so much.

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  1. Surprisingly, there aren't a lot of early-morning options. For eggs, pancakes, and hashbrowns, very basic, there is the Headlines on the S/E corner of Gayley and Kinross. Caddy-corner is the Elysee Cafe/Bakery, that has a reputation for good coffee, pastries, and prepared items like quiches. If parking is difficult, your failsafe is to go up to Weyburn and take two rights so you're heading south on Broxton (which is one-way). To the left is a public parking structure with validated parking. On the left is Le Pain Quotidien, admittedly a multinational chain but bakes on premises, and The Good Earth, in the old Stratton's, which I doubt is open early morning, though maybe...Most of these are order-at-the-counter places.

    Oh, I forgot, or tried to... There is also a Jerry's Famous Deli on the north side of Weyburn just east of Broxton. Ridiculously expensive for the quality, but at least they offer table service. There is also a Denny's Diner, on Lindbrook a block north of Wilshire and two blocks east of Westwood goodness, I'm shocked at the few alternatives I know about. I don't know what kind of meeting you are attending, but maybe someone can grant guest privileges at the Faculty Club?

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      nosh, thanks a million for the suggestions!

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        Look, I just don't know any of the truly vegie places, and doubt they open for an early breakfast. You said "wholesome" so I rejected just getting a cup of coffee at one of the many Starbucks or Coffee Beans and then supplementing with a sugar rush from Stan's Donuts. Parking at metered places is usually pretty easy up to 8, iffy between 8 and 9, and then just a matter of luck. That public structure on the east side of Broxton south of Weyburn can be very useful.

    2. just a few blocks south of the village there is mary and robb's westwood cafe which i'm sure has veggie options and is a solid breakfast place - there's always plenty of parking around there, at least on weekends, might be different on weekday

      1. Probably a bit late for you, but check out Novel Cafe if you need breakfast another time. has some info. I am vegan, and sometimes got the chilaquilles with tofu instead of egg a couple of times. LPQ, also mentioned above, is a good option... some tasty pastries, granola, coffee / tea, etc.

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          that's where i would go. not that i'm saying the food is good, but...the restaurant overall is probably along the lines of what you're looking for. it's a nice place to chill in the morning. otherwise i would go to elysee across the street.