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Jan 17, 2008 07:49 PM

Las Vegas - lunch, dinner for ~$20-30

I will be visiting Vegas for the first time next Friday and Saturday on business. I will be off in the hinterlands (read St. George, UT) until Friday afternoon so I need recommendations for Friday night and Saturday lunch, and maybe a late night snack.

I am staying at the Paris, but anywhere on the strip is fine. With this little time and so much to see (& eat) I don't think I want to spend time driving off the strip, at least Friday night. Saturday morning I'm going to Hoover Dam, so I could really go anywhere for lunch once I get back to town.

I've read several other posts but most seem to focus on the $150 meals. While I am on expense account, I don't think I can slide that by. I need on the order of $20-30 entrees. Any kind of food would be fine - Thai, sushi, Italian, middle-eastern, French, seafood whatever. Probably not steak (not at those prices) since most of the steakhouses seem to have branches here in Dallas anyway.

Of course, if anyone knows of a good place in St. George or on the way back, please add that too.

Your help is appreciated...

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  1. first of all, St. George is pretty and close to Zion NP - an amazing place. However, I did not eat there, just did a roadside rock place.
    In terms of Vegas, I would put Mon Ami Gabi in that price range. Great outside eating with views of the fountains. I often just do onion soup and the fruit and cheese platter.
    Wofgang Puck (lots of places everywhere) is reliable too. Best, for me is Chinois in Ceasars.
    Border Grill in Mandalay Bay - excellent, in your price range. Amazing Quesadillas!
    Carnegie Deli if you are into that at Mirage. Also there is a fun cafe outdoors for breakfast.
    If you are a buffet person, I would suggest Mirage for lunch, Bellagio for brunch weekdays
    runjungle is great (MB) but pricey
    the noodle place at Monte Carlo was fun and great, IMHO
    If you have a car and like Mexican, Lindo Michaelian (sp) is the best ever. Try the chicken crema.
    Bertolini's in The Forum Shops – especially for a late night desert/crème brule
    Entertainment, bit above your price - Gospel Brunch at MB HOB. Not great food, but great fun.
    Mr. Lucky’s - Hard Rock Hotel (great steak and eggs breakfast for $7.77
    Hash House a GoGo - off strip, HUGE portions, good 3 meals

    So, nothing at the gourmet level, but good eats....

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    1. re: beckw925

      Thanks for the advice. Several of these are ones I hadn't heard of, so I will have to do some looking around.

      I am bummed that I will be that close to Zion and miss it, but I don't think I have time to do it and still get to see any of Vegas. So I will just have to come back...

      Do you think Valley of Fire is worth the detour on the way back from St. George or should I skip it? How long would it take? Do you need to hiketo make it worthwhile or is it something you can drive through?