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Jan 17, 2008 06:33 PM

Where is the best risotto in Toronto?

Risotto is one of those dishes I haven't made often at home, but I love it, so it's really a treat when I go out. Does anyone have recommendations for the best risotto dishes in the city? I'm a vegetarian, if that makes a difference.


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  1. the seafood risotto at Sapori (lawrence and yonge) Mmmm..

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    1. re: togone

      Mistura's beet risotto - hands down the best in T.O.

        1. re: spades

          TOTALLY! I'm a veg too, and the beet risotto at Mistura is my favourite in the WORLD (outside of Italy), not just in the city!

          Also, let me say that I HATE beets.

          I don't know what it is. Massimo is a genius. You MUST MUST MUST try it sometime.

          I wrote a loooong review of Mistura on Yelp - check it out - mine is the 2nd one down - Rosie S.:

    2. I had a pheasant and chestnut risotto at Il Mulino. I believe they once won a city-wide restaurant risotto competition on the strength of this dish...but it's also possible that this was just the risotto they entered into the competition--memory being quite foggy and all. Anyways, it's an amazing dish that I think they often have as a special. Delicious rich winter flavours.

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        Romagna Mia offers two tasty risotto choices:

        Risotto con Fagiano e Tartufo in Cialda di Parmigiano - Italian risotto in a pheasant ragout with black truffle paste served in a Parmigiano-Reggiano basket.

        Risotto nella Forma con Tartufo di Norcia e Noci - Italian risotto in a truffle paste, with walnuts and freshly shaved black truffle flambeed in a Parmigiano-Reggiano wheel.

        1. re: 2 cents

          I completely agree with 2 cents....Romagna Mia makes AWESOME risotto...never overcooked, always really flavourful and generous portions. Actually, everything on their menu is really good.

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            I third the Beet Risotto at Mistura...and I've also tried Romagna Mia....Miranda

            1. re: miranda

              wow, thanks for the tips! the truffle and beet risottos sound like their worth trying for sure!

          2. re: 2 cents

            I tried the pheasant risotto and it was good, but no where close to awesome in my opinion. Not to mention that service was not so great (it wasn't even busy). I tried a risotto within the same week at Bodega and it was much better. I had ordered the Jumbo Shrimp risotto. And they have an excellent French Onion Soup.

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            Sorry. Less than overwhelmed with Romagna Mia. The pheasant one just didn't work -- really heavy without being tasty -- and the truffle one was more show than taste. But I'm hoping the Mistura beet risotto is one of the Winterlicious options.

          4. La Vecchia, 2405A Yonge St. (1 block North of Eglinton). I had there the
            RISOTTO MARE
            Tiger shrimp, sea scallions, mussels, clams, and calamari simmered in a garlic white wine sauce. It was A1, and the service too.
            I am sure the others are just as good:
            A selection of seasonal vegetables tossed with white wine sauce

            Pan seared porcini mushrooms with roasted garlic and topped with shaved parmesan

            Risotto simmered in white wine and kiwi surrounded by jumbo tiger shrimp, pan seared in garlic and lemon