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Jan 17, 2008 06:28 PM

Best Bagels (SoFla)

I've tried bagels all over the tri-county area looking for the real NY deal.
I'm going with Sage Bagel in Hallandale.

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  1. I'll start out probably a little weaker (since I've heard raves about Sage already but haven't tried) and go with Roasters'N Toasters Deli in Pinecrest. Admittedly like their pastrami and corn beef more than bagels, but in south Miami-Dade you'd be hard pressed to find better.

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    1. re: eatnbmerry

      RnT always worked for me!

      Arnie and Richies aren't bad either.

      There's a few Bagel joints up off of Biscayne in 100's.

      There used to be an awesome one here on South Beach next to Pizzaria Au Natural that was the best by far...I cannot come clean with the name off hand. Someone will know..Bagel Factory is what is coming to mind.

      I always loved the NY Bakery;s Bagels on 13th and Washington. They moved to Hialeah long ago and only do wholesale wouldn't surprise me if that's where Arnie and Richie's gets theirs from?

      One of my favorite places to get them is still the News Cafe with Nova, CC, Red Onion, Beef Steak Tomatos and Capers....pure delight! Their bagels aren't the best, but when you pile on the could almost be a friggin tortilla and still taste great!

      1. re: netmover

        That combo on a bagel is very classic as you already know NYNet, and used to be my standard once a month Sunday wakeup meal back in the day when I used to wake up early enough on Sundays that is.

        Let me add Lots of Lox on US 1 and 152 as another option for South Daders. They don't make their own (for that matter I don't think RnT does either) but are not bad at all and have the right amount of chewiness if you know what I mean.

        1. re: eatnbmerry

          RnT does not make their own...I am not sure where he gets them from but I met him one day when he was delivering them. I think the News used to come from a place called Coral Bagels? Is that in the Grove?

          KATZ IN NYC TP...

          1. re: netmover

            There is a Coral Bagels off US1 on the left side as you're heading southbound (I always have trouble knowing whether it's appropriate to say the east side of US1 as it runs diagonally there) somewhere around 27th, which isn't bad.

            I always recall Sage having good bagels but haven't had them in a long time. Arnie & Ritchie's are OK not great.

            Places around or near Biscayne and 100's as mentioned by Net include Bagels & Company (a/k/a "Guns & Bagels" due to the gun store next door) @ 110th & Biscayne; Bagel Bar East on 123rd St. east of Biscayne; further north there's Bagel Cove around 190th & Biscayne; and Mo's Bagels @ 187th St. just east of Biscayne.

            All are decent, none really exceptional. I don't know that I have a favorite other than that Bagels & Co. is probably a rung below the others.

            Coral Bagels
            2750 SW 26th Ave, Miami, FL

            Arnie & Richie
            525 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33140

            Bagels & Co
            11064 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33161

            Bagel Bar East At San Souci
            1990 NE 123rd St, North Miami, FL 33181

            Bagel Cove Restaurant & Deli
            19003 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33180

            Mo's Bagels
            2772 NE 187th St, Miami, FL 33180

        2. re: netmover

          It was Bagel Factory. The owner/baker was murdered in a botched robbery.
          The family continued to run it for it while, but I think it changed hands, then eventually closed.

        3. re: eatnbmerry

          Sorry to hijack but I would kill for a good pastrami sandwich in miami -- anyone know of one?

          1. re: tpigeon

            Sage probably does have the best bagels, but I just don't like that place. It always seems so dirty, and their other food just leaves me cold. We like Bagel Cove. Their bagels are good and their fish and meat are very good.

            1. re: pilches

              Pilches, I always order my ET's extra dirtyyyy

            2. re: tpigeon

              Pastrami sandwich places
              Two that I know of:
              Rascal House in Sunny Isles Beach
              Not that close to Miami, but Ben's Deli in Boca Raton. We just tried it and loved it; I think it's relatively new, part of a chain from New York.

          2. Flakowitz in Boynton Beach and Boca. A good choice. Also Bagels With in Delray Beach.

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            1. re: feelinpeckish

              I saw an ad/coupon in SunSentnl yesterday for Roasters'N Toasters on 183 in NM and anoher location at Sheridan and I 75 do you think this is the same Roasters'N Toasters from Pinecrest?

              1. re: sysbit

                Yes they are. But can't vouch for them, never been outside of Pinecrest.

              2. re: feelinpeckish

                I think Flakowitz is a bit overrated on bagels. I'm a fan of Bagel Twins in Boynton. Also, I've heard that someone down here in S Palm Beach flies water in from NY for their bagels. Can anyone confirm this? I know of a pizza place in San Diego that does it...

              3. There's a fairly new place that opened on Fedral Hwy, a few block north of Commercial Blvd (next to Bucca de Beppo) called Bagelstein's. They are the closest that I have had to a NY bagel.

                1. We haven't been back to Florida in years, but we used to bring a suitcase just to fill with bagels from Bagelmania on University in Plantation (I think). I also remember that bagels were buy a doz, get a doz on Wednesdays. Made going home Wednesday afternoon or Thursday mighty tempting. In fact, we haven't had bagels that good since. Mmmm, bagels.

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                  1. re: yahooer

                    That's in Tamarac on Commercial and University. Pretty good bagels, for sure.

                    I think Flakowitz is the best in S Florida - the one in Boca, of course!

                    Sage I just don't like, though I love NY bagels and most NYers like Sage best. Maybe it's the dirt factor. Also, you will NOT get a bagel in Florida as good as NY - not sure why and I'm extremely loyal to FL on a variety of other topics.

                    1. re: amyvc

                      Bagelmania (on University and Commercial) is defintiely the closest to NY - or to be more specific - Long Island bagels I've found in S FL.

                  2. Apparently in honor of passover, Miami Danny does a bagel tour of North Miami ->

                    I neglected to mention one of my local spots in my last post - New York Bagel Deli (on Collins Ave. around 65th). Bagels are a bit oversized, but nicely crusty and tasty. I'm usually a traditionalist and stick with poppy or the occasional ET for variety, but they sometimes have an interesting "mediterranean" bagel that I like which is done with some sort of dark flour, sprinkled with a zatar-like spice mix, and is dense with olive oil. (Any fruit or sweet bagel is still anathema).

                    New York Bagel Deli
                    6546 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL