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Jan 17, 2008 06:02 PM

Weekday Dim Sum: World Tong or Jade (formerly Gum Fung)

We're off to get some Dim Sum tomorrow (Friday) and i know that Jade has a special price on weekdays, and has gotten pretty positive feedback.

World Tong was the go-to place, and continued to get good feedback even after the chef left for Manhattan upscale.

we have a car, and are more concerned about quality, tastiness, and hopefully decent variety than we are about price or location.

anyone been to both recently and have an opinion on one over the other?


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  1. a quick follow-up, since the post above, my husband and i have gone to get dim sum three times, first at Jade in Flushing (weekday), then at "Perfect Team Corporation" aka Guang Zhou Restaurant in Flushing (Saturday), and finally at World Tong in Bensonhurst (weekday).

    we had a great meal at Jade -- pretty much everything was good, fresh, visually appealing, and delicious. we did not get the $2 special, but i will ask about it next time i go on a weekday. hands down, the best dim sum i've had in a long while.
    hit parade: chinese greens w/oyster sauce, taro puffs, baked pork pie, steam pork bun, shrimp/mayo open faced dumpling, shrimp & watercress dumpling, shrimp in rice-roll wrappers, clams in black bean sauce, sesame balls, glutinious peanut rice balls
    wouldn't bother with again: another open faced dumpling (fine, but not distinctive, esp. for the price), eggplant stuffed with shrimp, vegetarian eggroll, vegetarian mock-duck

    we were very disappointed at Perfect Team. we were not seated well, so it was very hard to ascertain what was going around in the few carts that came our way. although some was OK, many things were overly greasy and didn't seem so fresh and appealing. we left very unsatisfied.
    The OK: shrimp in rice roll wrappers, that-fried-dough that you usually have with congee in a rice-paper wrapper
    The indifferent: taro puffs (although very greasy), baked pork pie
    The Bad: clams in black bean sauce, random dumpling

    today at World Tong, things were just OK. much less good than our meal at Jade, much more good than our meal at Perfect Team. it was reasonably empty, and perhaps that had the greatest impact on the variety and quality. i'm willing to believe that they are often much better and worthy of a trip, esp. at prime hours, but we're unlikely to do so again. the drive from Woodside is about an hour with NYC traffic, and .. eh.
    Most unusual: crab-stick in spicy-pepper, fried. unexpected, a little spicy, and tasty
    OK: dumplings, shu-mai, rice-paper wrapper
    Other: ordered chinese greens sauteed with garlic and roast pork with crispy skin off the menu, and they were fine, but nothing special, and quite expensive

    we'll go to Jade again, definitely. otherwise, we'll probably go to Manhattan to Dim Sum Go Go, which we both happen to like quite a bit. they have good tripe in black bean sauce, and good creative dumplings, etc.


    1. My in-laws are taken w/ the East Buffet in Elmhurst (near Queens Blvd, by the Commerce Bank and the Hess station). Besides buffet, they serve regular a la carte dim sum - the dining room for that is on the 2nd fl. Recently, they're offering select $1 items on weekends (yes, Sat. and Sun.), which are self-serve - you go to the self-serve area (in the back to the right when you walk in on the 2nd fl), and my husband loves the deep fried mini- roast pork buns. There are a total of 10 items on the $1 menu. Also on the $1 menu, a fish paste pancake w/ lotus root, bbq beef short-ribs, and the mango pudding are quite nice. Also, they have porridge w/ peanuts and dried bonito for $1 a bowl, although I didn't try this, my husband thought it was nice.
      On the regular menu, the shrimp noodles and beef noodles are yummy, as well as the shrimp dumplings. The beef in the beef noodles is not the standard minced beef, they're slices of beef.
      My in-laws and us also frequent this restaurant for their regular buffet and hotpot buffet, more out of its convenient location. Both are ok, standard, not spectacular.