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Jan 17, 2008 05:41 PM

Rabbit stew in London?

I'm more familiar with the Russian variety (Mmmm Cafe Glechik) but where could you guys recommend for rabbit stew in London?

Also, do any of you know of the India Club and its food? A friend of mine is a member and tells me it only serves seasonal game. I'm quite intrigued and ready to force him to take me as a guest... as soon as I dust my suit off...

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  1. Anchor and Hope has had hare on its menu a few times... The India Club that I know (in the Strand) would be unlikely to serve seasonal game. Last time I went it was still determinedly (and delightfully) scruffy old school Indian, with the singular virtue of being terribly cheap! Don't go expecting a gourmet experience (the dhosas aren;t bad, though), unless it's been magically transformed since I was last there...

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      I've only been once to the India Club - a few years ago - and wasn't very impressed, I'm afraid. The food I had was mediocre (perhaps I didn't order wisely) and I didn't like the surroundings at all...charmless was the word. And to me it wasn't even THAT cheap - same prices at least as my local curry house. A big disappointment.

    2. Unless we're talking about an entirely different place - India Club, two flight up on The Strand - can't anyone just walk in? Isn't this what I did? Other than the pleasures of bringing your own b, I can't think of any particular reason to recommend this place. But this is not trivial. The right bottle can rescue (almost) any situation. Cheers, BB

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        yes - i'm not a member and i just walked straight in

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          My mistake! The East India Club!

          Anchor and Hope sounds interesting. Does it have a rotating or seasonal menu or would it be a special?

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            A&H does change menus regularly - but as they don't have a website (or does someone have a URL for them?) you might have to call them to check the menu. And a no res policy means you might have to wait for a table unless you go early or late - though the bar is a perfectly decent place to drink yourself into readiness.

            Had a wonderful rabbit version of a stargazy pie at Scotts last year. Sounded a disaster, but was really delicious. Not sure it's on their menu now, sadly.

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              I have a vision of ears poking through the pastry.

                1. re: JFores

                  Expensive - but pretty good value given the quality, the service and ambience.

          2. I've eaten at a small neighbourhood Sardinian restaurant in Tufnell Park called Trattoria Nuraghe three times and twice the special has been rabbit. Definitely recommended if you're in the area.
            I've never had rabbit at the Anchor & Hope but had once shared Braised Hare for five people - amazing, but again a special so couldn't guarantee they would have it again...

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              1. How long would it take to get to Tufnell Park from Marble Arch by bus?
              2. What are the prices around?

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                st john had potted hare & pickles but it wasnt a stew exactly...that stargazy pie at scotts should be nominated for dish of the year (or so ive heard)

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                  So sorry for not replying.. probably too late now but - i would say it's not do-able by bus, but less than 30 mins by tube.
                  Very good value - mains around £12 and gigantic portions.

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                    I'll look into it. I ended being very lucky! They had a whole rabbit stewed with tomatoes, vegetables, thyme and pork as a special when I went to O Cantinho de Portugal. I was a happy little half-starved student.