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Jan 17, 2008 05:07 PM

ISO Pomegranate glaze by Trader Joe or alternative , PLEASE

Just loved the Pomegranate Glaze that Trader Joe put out. However it was discontinued. I managed to hoard several bottles but am now perilously close to my last one. Yikes! Can't find any more. What I need is an alternative or an untapped TJ source, which I would then have Fedexed to my home. Re an alternative: is it possible to find this in an Iranian/Middle Eastern store and if so what would I be looking for? Can I make it myself ....I see the ingredients are very simple. Can you tell I'm desperate?
Thanks in advance,hounds.

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  1. At a Middle Eastern shop you should be able to find pomegranate molasses. Since I already had a bottle of that, I did not try Trader Joe's glaze, so don't know if they are the same. The glaze sounds as though it has further sweetening. The molasses is tart enough to use in place of vinegar in many dishes.


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      Thanks for that, Paul. This is not as tart as vinegar but maybe we are on the right track. The ingredients are simply pomegranate juice concentrate and citric acid, then again it may be the same?

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        pomegranate molasses is a bit sweeter than the tj's glaze, because it contains sugar. aside from that, the flavor is very similar.

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        Since my bottle was nearly gone I picked up a new bottle at a Middle Eastern grocery, Cortas brand from Lebanon, 10oz for about $4. This one quite thick (more so than the earlier brand); equally tart. The bottle says '100% juice'.

        One foodnetwork recipe indicated that you needed a 4:1 reduction to get a molasses consistency. So a quart of pure juice should give about a cup.

      3. I izzie -- Is a Korean market out of the question for you?
        I found a delicious pomegranate extract in a Korean market in the Los Angeles area; in that same market I also found several other pomegranate products: pomegranate honey, etc. The extract has the most promise as a glaze because it does not contain a lot of sugar and it has a very rich pomegranate flavor.

        1. Here's an earlier thread on the molasses

          The bottle I bought was from Lebanon. There may be some variations in sweetness from brand to brand, though it is a generic product there. Mine (Darna?) was pretty tart.

          Here's a description from a distributor (originally from 1997 LA Times

          I found a recipe that starts with
          * 8 cups pomegranate juice
          * 2 tablespoons sugar
          * 1 tablespoon lemon juice
          cooked to molasses consistency (about an hour). This doesn't seem to be much sugar, especially if the pomegranates are particularly tart.


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            that's probably a great recipe for approximating the flavor of tj's glaze...most of the ones i've seen contain a much higher proportion of sugar.

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Any indication as to the country of origin for the TJ's glaze?

            2. re: paulj

              i would reccomend making your own. it's incredibly easy, just walk away and let it reduce. the lemon juice isn't even necessary. and you can adjust the sugar/tartness to your liking, and it will keep for a good two weeks after you make it.... we used to make pomegranate glaze at the restaurants i worked at almost constantly for garnish etc. very easy stuff.

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                Thanks so much everyone. I think I will try making it and buy some for back up.

                1. re: l_izzie

                  Hey, I also have been going through the same nightmare trying to find the pomergranate glaze from trader joes. I loved it it worked on everything. Even as a nice drizzle over vanilla bean Ice cream. Anyway, today while searching on the net for my beloved glaze I came across this:

                  I haven't used it yet, but the site looked promising. I hope this was of some help.


              2. i did a quick check and there's a pomegranate glaze on e-bay right now.

                1. I believe Cost Plus World Markets carry a pomegranate glaze.