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Jan 17, 2008 04:49 PM

Help with "Eat, Pray, Love" menu

Hey fellow 'hounds,

I'd like to do a book club meeting spread themed to "Eat, Pray, Love" which is set in Italy, India and Bali. We don't do a full meal - we usually have a hot appetizer, cheese, fruit and/or crudite and a dessert. Since it's likely to be cold here, I was thinking of breaking the mold with a big pot of soup (we have 12 people) served in mugs. Also, I have to be able to prepare much in advance, as I work all day the day of the meeting. Oh, and we're all sitting in the living room, not around a dining table. So things have to be fairly uncomplicated. Here's what I'm thinking so far:

Alternate #1
Assortment of Italian cheeses
An "Indonesian" spiced blended tomato soup

Alternate #2
"Pizza" made on Naan
Indonesian Spiced Soup
Mango with lime and chile
Store-bough cream puffs (relevant to the book)

We have several vegetarians, and some who don't eat any fish. That limits me. Any other, more creative suggestions?


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  1. why dont you just stick to the italian (eat) theme? would be easiest way to go.
    Im not going to say what I think of this book .....

    1. I love the 'fusion' idea - I'd go with #1, but make it antipasto (cheeses plus salamis, olives, etc) - the soup you said - naan (or you could find a good pocketless pita and say it was naan) - mango (I hate it with chile, just nice sweet mango) and, since it's relevant, the cream puffs. But I do think you need that tiny bit more substance that the antipasto gives.

      1. Hello! When my book group did this book, we did the fusion. Frankly, I don't recall what we did for the Italian portion, but I brought samosas for the Indian portion. I meant to make at home, but ended up running out of time and purchasing on my way... but they are definitely bulky and filling, as well as good finger foods and vegetarian to boot. You could also consider other Indian specialties like their stuffed breads, or pakora- lots of all-veggie options.

        1. If you go the cream puff route, and if you have a costco near you, consider their frozen mini puffs. My sister got them for a cocktail party and I have to say, they were pretty darn good.

          1. The original comment has been removed