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Jan 17, 2008 03:32 PM

Fun times in center city on a Monday

My husband and I have off next Monday for the MLK day holiday and want to spend the day strolling through center city, eating, drinking, hopping from restaurant to restaurant, etc. Any suggestions for places that have a great lunch menu, places with good happy hour, places with midday drink specials, etc.? We so rarely get to "play" on a weekday I have no idea where we should go!

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  1. I might be right there with you....I'm off Monday as well, and friends have been calling to have drinks with brunch. We just don't know where to start. The suburbs aren't good for this, so the suggestions might be to move it to the city!

    1. Buddakan has a nice lunch special, check their website.

      1. you should try horizons!! the vegan place... where you'd hardly guess you're eating vegan food. the jamaican jerk seitan, so good... the capirinha drinks are fab too. and if i share plates, i don't leave there so stuffed that i wouldn't be able to eat something else in a couple hours' time.

        1. Drop by Capogiro for a midafternoon pick-me-up...

          1. Matyson has a great lunch. Tria for drinks/snacks. Or you could head down to the Italian market and eat your way through samples at DiBruno's, tacos, etc. Have fun!