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Jan 17, 2008 03:27 PM

snowball ingredients - pls help settle?

NO hounders please help: The key ingredient in a Plum Street-style snowball is: sweetened condensed milk? evaporated milk? I think it is the first but I am getting pushback from an unnamed party for the second, which doesn't make sense to me but what do I know. Can anyone elucidate?

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  1. Condensed without a doubt. My mom would drive us to Plum Street from Metairie when we were little at least once a week to get the chocolate with condensed milk

    1. Though if you want to get technical, is the condensed milk a "key ingredient in" or a "great option on" a plum street snowball? If I'm not mistaken, condensed milk is one of the toppings offered at plum street, poured most liberally upon many a sticky mass of frozen goodness, (always a little too sweet for my taste) thus making it that memorable, unique experience you are recalling, but it's technically seperate from the snowball itself. They have regular flavors and cream flavors; I don't know if the "cream" in the cream flavors comes from condensed milk or not. Whatever the case, evaporated milk certainly ain't a part of the equation I don't believe.

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      1. re: swampsue

        Good point, I was thinking as an option. But they aren't the only place to offer cream flavors, but that could be am ingredient in the cream flavors.
        And since we are talking snowballs, when is Hansen's opening up. IMHO, by far the best textured ice around.

        1. re: roro1831

          every snowball stand offers cream flavors, as well as both condensed milk and evaporated milk as toppings. i think condensed milk is probably the more popular topping, but my personal favorite is coconut with evaporated milk. (if they try to give you a premixed version of it, you must decline and ask them to please make a coconut snowball and top it with evaporated milk.)

          1. re: Shiloh

            Just checked out the website:
            All the pics they have of the snowballs are various flavors with condensed milk on top.
            I'm sure any stand will make it the way you want, but for me Plum Street was the place to get a snowball with condensed milk on top

      2. For the "creme" snowballs, they use "sweetened condensed milk," or did. It's been some years, since we were at Plum St., but that was the element, back then, and was in the days, that my wife grew up in the Garden District.


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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          here in Biloxi MS the snowball stand i go to has both types of milk {sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk } and they call the evaporated milk " New Orleans style cream ". is Plum St the best of NO? i have only been to Snowizard on Magazine St and liked it alot.

          1. re: heavy d

            Snowballs, much like food, all depend on what you were brought up on. I have always loved Plum Street and thought it was the best until I finally had a Hansen's Snowball a few years ago. Hansen's is always hit or miss since you never know when they are open, but when they are the line stretches out the store. There's also a place on Metairie Road, right around Bonnabel Blvd that is really good...Sal's maybe? Can't remember the name. I don't think I've ever had a bad snowball anywhere in New Orelans, even at Tee Eva's on Magazine.
            Maybe someone should do a snowball tour this coming season.

            1. re: roro1831

              So, it's both condensed and evaporated... but condensed tastes better. So I win. (heh.) Thanks all y'all!

            2. re: heavy d

              Growing up on the Coast, we had several "snowball stands," and I even helped a friend push his custom-built cart around for a few Summers. All that I encountered, and this was many decades ago, were with crushed ice - fairly coarse, by Plum St. standards. My friend had a "shaver," but the ice was still relatively coarse. When my girlfriend, one day to be my wife, took me to Plum St., in the neighborhood, that she grew up in, I felt that I was in Heaven. Almost every Summer trip over, found Plum St., on the itinerary. We did the stand on Bonnabel/Metairie Rd., several times, and a few more, when I moved to NOLA, but Plum St was (remember, this was many years ago) the zenith of snowballs. I still hold them up to the various versions of "shave ice" stands in Hawai`I, and they fail, in comparison.

              Unfortunately, on several trips, Plum St. was closed, and I have not been there post-K.

              Back on the Coast, our best was at Popcorn King, a tiny store-front near the Post Office. It closed, shortly after I left for NOLA, and, while there were other stands around, none impressed me. I'm sure that much has changed over tiime. I do not even recall ever going to a stand in Biloxi, but might have forgotten.