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Jan 17, 2008 02:50 PM

Mohegan Sun WineFest / Approaches for Large Wine Tastings

I'm really sorry if this has been posted before, but I did a search and couldn't find anything on this topic! I was just wondering if anyone had ever been to the Mohegan Sun WineFest (, and if so, if you have any strategies on how to approach it. Strategies on how to approach a large wine tasting in general would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I don't have info about the Mohegan event, but this thread on how to approach a winetasting event may be helpful:

    1. BTW, your link doesn't work because the "comma" is caught up in it... here's a workable link:

      As for how to approach it... Assuming you're going to be there for a good part of both days, then I'd definitely go with the weekend pass as it gives you an entire second day for just a few bucks more than a single day.

      Personally I'd focus on a few varietals that I was most interested in... Start with the lighter ones. So, for example, if I had riesling, chardonnay, beaujolais and port on my target list I'd go in that order MOL, from lighter to heavier...

      Also, I'd try to get an advance list of the entries so I can pick out a couple of "benchmarks" in each varietal. Taste the benchmark, make sure it's to your likeing, then you can use that as sort of a gauge as you compare the other offerings. Also, if the judging is finished before the wine's taken away, be sure to sample the winners!

      None of the seminars looked particularly informative, so I'd stick with the tastings themselves here.

      Enjoy the Mohegan Sun, BTW, I've "invested" enough there to own stock :)... a really beautiful property.

      1. thanks, both of you! we ended up only making it out on sunday, and although there were supposedly over 1,000 wines, i'm sorry to say we probably only got through about 40-50. it was hard to stick to a single varietal just because each booth had several and we didn't want to have to circle back to all of them, but we still managed to taste a bunch of different wines within certain varietals. interestingly, our favorite wine probably ended up being the only ice wine in the whole place! it was an absolutely amazing covey run ice wine.

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          My girlfriend was out there this weekend also...

          Sounds like it was worth it for you just for the experience in general and the icewine in particular...

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            meigga, do you ever tour local wineries? My favorite dessert wine is from Sharpe Hill Winery in Pomfret CT (near Putnam). Beautiful shops, restaurants, art galleries. Makes for a nice day trip. See