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Jul 16, 2001 12:01 AM

the Lobster's rolls

  • k

Has anyone tried the lobster rolls at the Lobster at the Santa Monica Pier? If so how are they and how much does one of them cost? thanks.

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  1. They are pretty basic but oh so expensive -- about $18, as I recall, for a simple lobster roll that would cost about $4 in Maine. The lobster was fresh but hardly extraordinary, and the bun was your basic hot dog bun, nothing fancy. But the accompanying shoestring fries with parsley were decent.

    1. I had lunch at The Lobster yesterday and they don't have lobster rolls on the menu. I had a great meal though; my friend and I both started with the spicy crab bisque which satisfied my craving for lobster bisque which is also not on the menu. Then I had the lobster avocado salad which is a generous portion of lobster salad (much like the kind you'd find in a lobster roll) piled atop a half of avocado served on baby lettuces in a champagne vinaigrette. Delicious! My friend had his usual - crab enchiladas, also very good! I love this place and hit it when in town on business, but I too wish they had lobster rolls on the menu.