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Jan 17, 2008 02:36 PM

Evening food shopping in the 7th

Arriving CDG from London at 6pm on a Thursday evening . Will need to meet rental company at apartment to get keys etc . I expect that I won't be able to duck out til about 8pm. Apartment appears to be at the intersection of Rapp and St Dominique...will anyplace near be open to grab a baquette and some for the am ...perhaps a bottle of wine or should I get some staples at Heathrow ? Of course it wouldnt be the worst thing to have to go out that evening and next am due ot empty cupboards ...I will be alone that evening with Husband arriving from the states the next if out it is and dining for one I will likely do Petite Tonneau that evening but any advice for croissants and groceries the next day ( Friday) are welcome as well ...thanks

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  1. We stayed at an apartment owned by ParisPerfect at that very intersection. Cafe Constant is just across the street; it became our hangout during our stay. The next morning you will find all sorts of shops to fill your larder; none more than a block away. Worry not.....this is a great area; if you want fine restaurants, just ask us.

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      Likely same apartment ( Merlot) We are fairly familiar with the 7th and enjoy ( obviously ) Tonneau, the late Ormes, Robouchon, Gaya, Au Bon Accueil etc and I will post our proposed itinerary for critique....but do you know if any food shoppes are open late in the area???? I would very much like to have " something " available for my Husband who arrives from an overnite trip from Boston...he ( being him ) will bring a pound of Petes coffee from home ! Thanks

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        Most food shops in France usually close at 7:00pm. I am pretty certain some Monoprix's are open until 10:00, and of course most streets have small general purpose shops that can be open late - although food selection/quality is pretty poor.

        One thought is to get "Les Cars" (the Air France bus - approx €12) from CDG to the Palais des Congres (it is the Etoile route), under the exhibition centre is a shopping mall with quite an upmarket supermarket which will be open until at least 8:00 pm. You can then get a taxi to the 7eme which will be approx €10 (depending which bit).

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          I hope your plane isn't late! This has happened to me several times and then my plans to catch stores before they close have gone out the window.

          La Grande Epicerie at Le Bon Marche is open until 9pm on Thursdays. I think the closest Monoprix to you is on Rue de Rennes in the 6th. It's open until 10pm. I can't think of any little neighborhood markets near you off the top of my head, but in every neighborhood I've been in, I could usually find something. Perhaps your rental company can answer this question.

          If all else fails, you could hop on the metro and go to the Monoprix on the Champs Elysees which is open until midnight.

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            Well being the true CH that I am , I have moved my London departure up to 2pm....should be fine in the neighborhood. Thanks all. I will post our dining itinerary when final for critique ...

      2. I stayed at Paris Perfect's Sancerre (Ave. Rapp & Rue St. Dominique) in the summer of 2006. Paris Perfect is fabulous!!

        For coffee, Comptoir Richard at 145 Rue St. Dominique is wonderful! We made several trips there to replenish our coffee supply as the coffee was SOOO good. There is a small grocery store pretty much next door that carried all we needed to stock the apartment. There is a boulangerie/patisserie across the street and down aways from the grocery store. The market on Thursday and Saturday at Ave. Saxe and Place Breteuil was a source of wonderful goodies to eat if we felt like dining in at night just looking out our dining room window to the Eiffel in all her sparkling glory!! Rue de Grenelle had many wonderful take-away places.


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          Thanks very much Printing out for reference and trip cannot come soon enough !!

        2. You can head for the food hall in the ground floor of Au Bon Marche - - not too far from where you are staying. I think they are open until 9pm, but you can check their webiste to be sure. Assuming they are open, you can stock up on what you need for the first night/morning, or longer if you choose.

          1. There is a small grocery open until midnight at 197 rue de Grenelle btw/ Ave Bosquet and Ave de la Bourdonnais. I dont think you'll be able to get a good baguette or cheese after 8:00 PM though. You definitely need to go to the Grand Epicerie at the Bon Marche BUT its way on the other side of the 7e so not a good resource for you the night you arrive. It closes at 9:00 so you might be able to make it if you catch the 87 bus on Ave de la Bourdonnais. It makes a stop at the store. The next day you have Rue Cler and all the cheese, wine, and baguettes your heart desires. Dont miss Poujauran baguettes on rue Jean Nicot (near rue St. Dom). I second the reco for coffee from Richard on rue St. Dom.

            There are some medium sized groceries in that part of the 7e. One right across from Ecole Militaire metro and a couple on rue Cler. But I like the big Monoprix across from Cafe Flore in St Germain de Pres. There are other big Monoprix's but not in your part of the 7e.