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Jan 17, 2008 02:28 PM

MSP: bascali's brick oven

Been lately? Share your review...

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  1. I haven't been terribly recently, but probably within a year. I was not impressed. Their pizza tastes like frozen pizza you bake at home, with an over-potent garlic flavor added. I wanted to like it because I live in the Como neighborhood and like supporting local businesses, but blech!

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      ShinyCake, thank you for your report on Bascali's. I often walk right past it to get to Nelson's and wonder about it. There also seems to be an Asian grocery that shares the same parking lot (or is it across the street) on that same block. Have you been in there? Anything chowish we all ought to know about?


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        No, I've never been in that Asian grocery, but I'm curious about it too. I'll try to get off the bus early to check it out sometime next week.

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          Well, next week turned into next month, but I did stop into that grocery store and had a good time looking around. I had to find $20 worth of stuff to pay with a credit card :), so I got some Pocky (yum), some other Japanese candy (OK), some crazy snacks that taste like those puffed popcorn things you give to little kids (edible but not great), Taro buns from the freezer section (haven't tried them yet - I'm a little scared!), and mochi ice cream (maybe the same ones they serve at Obento Ya for dessert - but I think I got old ones or something because they taste weird). I like the place better than Dragon Star just because it doesn't smell like fish, but the produce section isn't very exciting. I'll probably go back because the candy/snacks selection was impressive (I really like Asian candy) and the ladies at the counter were really nice.

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            Thanks for checking this place out and reporting back!


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          That's a pretty good description.

          The calzones are the best thing on the menu, but I'm sharing that more as as advice in case someone drags you there - not as a reason to seek the place out. (I'd be interested in knowing if any great calzones can be found in the Twin Cities - real ones with ricotta cheese inside. The best I've found are at Green Mill, and that's a place I rarely go.)

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            My recollection is that Galooneys has ricotta in its calzones, but that's a vague memory. Another possibility is Soho Cafe further down on Hennepin (just north of 26th).

            I'm not big on Soho's pizza, but they seem to have more of the traditional New York offerings. I'd call either place before making a trek over though.

            Golooney's East Coast Pizza [CLOSED 2009]
            2329 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405

            Soho Cafe
            2532 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405

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              I agree with Danny that the calzones are better than the pizza, but they're nothing special. I've never had a calzone with ricotta in it - my standard are the super-greasy Carbones calzones I grew up with. I once had a calzone at The Downtowner that had blu cheese in it, and I nearly barfed.

          2. alas--we used to call the place "Bob Scullys" when we lived over there in honor of their "Eye-talian" food. Its not worth a crosstown trip but is fine. And calzones are definitely the best of their efforts. I kind of find the atmosphere charming in a small town way....

            The Chinese grocery is pretty good, though not the equal of China Star for example. They are fairly orderly and tidy. They draw huge crowds of asians from the U campus so they must be doing something right!

            I dont mean to wish ill on Bascalis but I dont understand why como doesnt have a decent restaurant somewhere. I'd love to see them sell out to somebody with a little ambition.

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              Where is China Star Grocery? I've heard of Dragon Star, is that what you meant, or is there a great new place for me to check out that I haven't heard of yet?

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                China Star is a (so-so) restaurant--I think he means Dragon Star.

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                  Whoooops....sorry to get your hopes up but I did mean Dragon Star.

              2. i'm gonna pile on and diss the place; sorry! i do feel strongly that local independent restaurants should be supported, but this place serves some lame minnesotan eye-talian. visited once because dh remembered it fondly (this ties into my dislike of yrusso's and trying to find an old school red-sauce alternative to it).

                their pasta is dreadful, overcooked and olive gardeny and the vegetables appeared to be frozen mixed niblets without even some added seasoning or a lick of butter to mitigate them. i much prefer yrusso's! dh admitted that the last time he ate there he was 16 and homeless, probably not evaluating the food on merits other than hot and lots of it. . .

                wish i'd ordered a calzone instead of pasta, but can't say i'll go back to try one. seconding the blech!

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                  John's Pizza Cafe off Front Avenue/Dale has excellent calzones. CBF always gets them. They're awesome and they're under $8.50.

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