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Jan 17, 2008 02:15 PM

Crozet, Va- outside of Charlottesville

I've been looking at a B and B out in the country/foothills NW of Crozet, Va (Inn at Sugar Hollow)- gets excellent reviews but I'm concerned about dining options since they only serve breakfast. The owner emailed me a list of Crozet restaurants: Three Notch'd Grill, Fardowners, La Cocina del Sol. We'd love to eat at the C & O but think the drive (30 mins)- is a little too far in the winter months.

Is anyone familiar with any of the above Crozet restaurants? Thanks Hounds!

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  1. La Cocina del Sol is a local favorite. Probably the freshest upscale Mexican in the area. Don't know the others. If you really want to hit C&O, the drive into Cville isn't bad. Although today is an exception, that area doesn't get much snow in the winter.

    Blue Mountain Brewery is close and serves a great lunch (largely local ingredients) with excellent beer:

    1. Crozet Pizza is a charming and cozy little joint with nice pies -- it's been a while since I went, but they were always packed. I like Duner's, which is maybe halfway between Crozet and Charlottesville.

      1. Just ate at Crozet Pizza a few days ago. They messed our pie up the first time but it was pretty good value and tasty ($25 with tip for three). Their "fresh garlic" topping is good and they've got a decent crust. Haven't been to Three Notch'd Grill but it is in my restaurant group and I haven't heard good things about it. Cocina Del Sol is supposed to be some of the better Mexican in the area, but that really isn't saying much. If you make it into Charlottesville (highly suggested), I love Mas (Spanish Tapas) Hamilton's (Classic French) and Ten (Japanese Kaiseki/Sushi).

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          Thanks everyone for the comments- we might try to stay closer to Charlottesville since food is, unfortunately, a very high priority! :)

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            Crozet is really not that far from Cville. It's an easy 20 minute drive right along Route 250.

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              I have to second that opinion, ecspecially in that part of the state 20 minutes is really nothing to drive for good food.

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                Nothing to drive, if the drive is easy. But certainly they can do very well in terms of excellent food in Charlottesville. 20 minutes isn't much....but if I weren't familiar with that stretch of 250 and it were dark and there were winter weather...I wouldn't be too excited about making that drive if I didn't have to.

                In Charlottesville, Zocalo (somewhat modern Spanish influenced) is a good choice as is L'Petit Pois (pretty classic French bistro), L'Etoile is always excellent (more upscale French with local ingredients). There are many good options, perhaps a different thread for Charlottesville recommendations?

                Good luck with your trip!

        2. I'm wondering how far the Inn is from The North Pole just outside Goochland Ct House - most Chow Hounds love to go there; try a map quest -

          1. You HAVE to eat at Crozet Pizza! It is a wonderful family ran establishment. You would never know it walking in but the pizza is 5 star. They are on the web so definatly check them out.