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Jan 17, 2008 02:09 PM

Dallas Italian Suggestions

We are going to be in Dallas on Feb. 1st and staying at a hotel in the downtown area. Can anyone give me suggestions for an Italian restaurant. Would like a good wine list and something other than just a red sauce/lasagna place. Willing to drive within reason. Thanks for your help.

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    1. No brainer, Arcodoro Pomodoro.

      Brothers that own it are from Sardinia and it's as close to an authentic experience as you're going to have close to downtown. Wine list is solid as well.

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      1. You could try Taverna, on Armstrong Street, just north of downtown, especially is you like risotto, although their woodstone pizza and other Italian fare is also good. It is more on the casual, neighborhood feel side so if you are looking higher end, I agree Arcodoro Pomodoro is not a bad choice.

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          1. Adelmo's is very good. The wine reps all use it as a meeting place as well.