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Jan 17, 2008 02:08 PM

bonaire--best food with great ambience?

I will be in Bonaire with my husband for a special occasion in March. We are both foodies from Chicago. I would like some geat restuarants from little hole in the walls with fab food and local charm and nicer restaurants. Great food and good ambience are a must or fun places to meet up with other divers. We love all kinds of food, esp. fish, asian, thai, crribean, etc.

My research has revealed: richard's, wil's, plazita limena, capriccio (is it that good to eat Italian on an island?), mona lisa, el fagon, warana louise, bambu. What are your thoughts of these--what do I keep and get rid of? Are there others I am forgetting that are fabulous?

We are also looking for fun happy hour spots, and maybe certain places that would have a Jump-up/BBQ on the beach, or other weekly activities like that.

any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Richards is a great location with decent food, a great host and waterside dining. Wil is a 2 star Michelin chef and IMHO the most creative chef. His wife is a love. Plazita is a great place for a cool, shaded lunch spot. The small serving of Ceviche is great. The wood grilled chicken with the divine sauces are amazing. I do not eat pork but tried a rib, WOW. Capriccio's has the best wine list on island and the owners are amazing. Eat inside as street traffic is loud. Mona Lisa has a 13.00 USD bar menu. I always get the fish. SUPERB. El Fagon is a great local place for red snapper and other delights. The sauces are great. Please save some morsels for the light brown doggie who comes to visit. Warang Louise is a cute spot with GREAT authentic Indonesian food. My travel clients love Bambu. You forgot Bistro de Paris for authentic French food, Rum Runners for pizza seaside. Add in lunch at Kontiki with windy views of Lac Bay. Also add the Wed. BBQ at Bonaire Windsurf Place (night) or lunch at Hang Out Bar or better yet, a pitcher of Sangria. Lunch Sunday is a MUST at Rose Inn. A great local experience. Get the goat.

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      Hi Phelana - I'm coming back to Bonaire in a few weeks. My second visit inside of a year. The dining scene was awesome last time so I'm looking forward to more good food.

      I have a few questions for you. Do you recommend BBQ at Bonaire Windsurf Place more than Bobbejans? Is the Rose Inn only open for lunch? I definitely want to try the goat stew. Do they serve it all the time?

      1. re: jwobkk

        Bonaire Windsurf Place stopped their BBQ for the time being. It is a totally different experience. For ribs nothing beats Bobbijan's or Plazita Limena
        Rose Inn stops serving 4 ish. Closed Wed. Would love to book your next trip!!

        1. re: phelana

          Thanks Phelana. I'm going back to the DBV again so I booked direct. Menno & Esther are really doing great things there. I will definitely visit Rose Inn for lunch this time. Thanks for all the tips again!

          1. re: jwobkk

            Have a blast. Menno can tell you where to eat then for sure..he knows the island well...