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Memorable Las Vegas Dinner [moved from L.A. board]

My fabulous boyfriend and his best friends are going to Vegas to celebrate his birthday this weekend. He really wants to have dinner somewhere amazing. Can you help?

They are staying at Mandalay Bay, Guy Savoy is out, one of his friends said nothing looked good on the menu (I know, I know) and my boyfriend doesn't want to go to a steak house.

I almost never make food decisions without consulting with the chowhounders and have never been disappointed. I am excited to see what you have to say about Vegas. :)

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  1. Before it gets moved..

    you should check out the paris sunday champagne brunch. it's the only buffet i'll eat in vegas. 26 bucks and they have EVERYTHING.

    1. I'm sure this will be moved to the Southwest board...

      But, S.O. and I had a very memorable dinner at BARTOLOTTA RISTORANTE DI MARE for our 2 year anniversary. Be sure to definitely request a table/cabana outside. We did the tasting menu and everything was absolutely fantastic!!!

      BTW, this is in Wynn.

      1. I would check out the buffet at Wynn. I will the next time I go to Vegas.

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          Watch out, esp during a holiday weekend. I waited 3 hours for the dinner buffet 2 days before christmas. It was great...but nothing is worth a 3 hour wait. Next time I go, I'm going early (dinner buffet opens at 3:30).

        2. Metro pizza has fabulous NYStyle Pizza. Several outlets in town but the one I went to was inside the Ellis Island Casino on the street behind the main drag. fabulous homebrew. where else can you eat and drink in vegas really well for under ten bucks.
          obviously, this is not meant to be for his blow out dinner, but a great place to recover and spend not so much.

          1. Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill in Ceasar's is fantastic! Or, Valentino's in Venetian. Or Nobu's (I don't remember what hotel it's in.)

            1. Bouchon on the top floor of the Venetian is super delicious -

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                Had dinner last night at the new Batali steakhouse at Palazzo (Venetian). Best steak and best meal I've had in Vegas. Great pastas and antipasti too. Not crazy about desserts, but didn't have room anyway.

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                  CarneVino? Have you eaten at his B&B at the Venitian? Wondering how they compare, menu and price? Debating which to hit when I'm there next month?

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                    We've been to B&B twice and we'll be hitting up CarneVino in mid-Feb. on our next trip. I read here that reservations can be made starting today, I'll definitely be calling later, and hopefully more information will be available soon like a sample menu on the website or something. In the meantime hopefully auntflo will provide some info.

              2. I've had wonderful meals at Nob Hill in the MGM and Bouchon in the Venetian.

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                    A good friend of mine (foodie and meat lover) was very disappointed by Craftsteak. Just one guy's general opinion but . . . .

                  2. This will get moved but...

                    At Mandalay, if he doesn't want steak (although Michael Mina's Stripsteak is fantastic), there's also RM Seafood, Rick Moonen's place. Had a great meal there. Although for seafood, hands down the best is Bartolotta at the Wynn. The fish is flown in almost daily--from the Mediterranean! it's amazing. There's a ravioli there that's oh-my-god-good.

                    Batali opened B&B Ristorante at the Venetian, very good. His Italian steakhouse CarneVino just opened at the Palazzo..um...today (read Eater LA for that one).

                    For Italain, old-school, Rao's at Caesars. And Mesa Grill is pretty good, good cocktails.

                    If they want something really foodie, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand (close to Mandalay). When I went it was like $130 for nine courses, which is a steal. But you can eat a la carte, too.

                    And the buffet at the Wynn is the best in town. Expensive, but totally worth it.

                    Oh, at Bellagio, I actually had a very good lunch at Olives. Surprised me, I expected it to be really mediocre. But truth be told, it was an early lunch, not very busy yet (it's always packed because it overlooks the fountains), and we had a great rendition of a Cuban sandwich, dynamite fries, and a burger, I think.

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                      Second the L'atelier Robuchon. You sit bar style and watch them make your food or at tables. One of the best meals I've ever had- we looked at doing the more formal Robuchon restaurant but actually thought L'atelier was a better choice (and really not that expensive).

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                        I really enjoyed B & B as well. I'd stay away from Olives (not bad but, in my view, it's not special and the rather ordinary menu is not executed in a way that's particularly unique). I'm not a steakhouse guy either but Charlie Palmers (I think) at the Four Seasons (Mandalay premises) was outstanding when I ate there in May. If they want to do Thai for lunch or something before/after the "blowout" birthday dinner, Lotus of Siam is a must.

                      2. I would really read this thread. It's very recent with a nice list of restaurants of different cuisines and the best thing is the original poster is doing a review on all of the restaurants he went to.


                        but if you're going this weekend it might be too late.