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Jul 15, 2001 03:54 PM


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Our thanks to the person who posted about Nick's
on Pico, near La Cienaga,. for breakfast.....
Went there yesterday and it was a delightful experience
and can understand why follow up postings admonished
the original poster for letting the word
was busy. Thanks Again.

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  1. Wow there is another Nick's for breakfast -- what about the LA (slightly east) Nicks -- good for breakfast, fairly good bar-b-que a cople days a week and cozy homemade earthquake cake?

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    1. re: Kathy

      Where is this slightly east LA Nick's?

      1. re: Ralph Ahn

        Nick's cafe is at 1300 No. Spring St @ Avalon
        213.222.1450. I believe it's owned by a pair of cops and it's usually full of "boys in blue". I always figure cops are a good lead to a no fuss, good value meal. Be sure to ask for homemade salsa.

        1. re: Kathy

          Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Kathy,
          we will be sure to try Nick's on Spring St.