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Jan 17, 2008 01:37 PM

Headed to Vancouver, need resto suggestions

Hi all,
I am headed to Vancouver, BC with some friends at the end of February, and need suggestions for a fun, casual, vibrant restaurant with amazing food and drink. Good decor is a must, and the service needs to be top-notch. No chain recommendations, please.

There will be about eight of us, so not a small party, but not a large one either.


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  1. Vij's, for nouveau Indian. Unfortunately, I don't think they take reservations; get there early. Or the new Tojo's for Japanese . . . Or CinCin for Italian. You'd have better luck going to the Western Canada board, however . .. .

    1. hapa izakaya i think would match your description. be sure to make reservations though. and pearl castle in richmond for bubble tea!

      1. I went to a restaurant called Coast last time I was in Vancouver and it was fantastic. Great menu, great bar and great service (not to mention the location is fantastic, right by other bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

        1. I had one of the most interesting meals of my life at Gastropod in Vancouver this last fall. We had the 8 course tasting menu - it's definitely more for the adventurous foodie (if you go, please get the oysters with the horseradish snow!). The place is small, but they can accomodate an 8 top. Reservations are a must.