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Jan 17, 2008 01:25 PM

Providence - Worst Table

Does anyone know if Providence still offers 10% off for booking the worst table in the house?

I dined there early last year and thought it was a great deal.


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  1. I went there last June and sat at the "worst" table for 10% was definitely not the "worst" table. I would call and check with them.

    1. when I went last year in sep for my bday, it wasn't available. Because of the cold weather, the covered patio dining area was closed for the night. Therefore, no worst table.

      1. Odd, the worst table isn't on the covered patio area, it's right next to the door that leads to it....

        I've sat there, it's actually not a bad table at all. It offers a nice view of the room. And yes, the 10% also applies to any tasting menu.