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Jan 17, 2008 12:44 PM

Please help us...another sushi place in downtown Asheville!

How many does downtown need? Maybe that's why they all keep opening and closing...we don't need anymore. get it??

There's a sign up for a new one opening ONE storefront away from Wasabi, downtown's best sushi spot, if not the best in Asheville. Two or three doors down from that, Doc Chey's has signage up saying they have "relocated" to Sushi Thai near Pack Square (also conveniently located one or two doors away from another sushi joint).

I hope someone does something cool with the Doc Chey's space. I think that busy corner has so much potential...

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  1. I totally agree. For a town of Asheville's size we have an inordinate amount of sushi places. When I first moved here 7 yrs ago there were 3 (Ichiban in Biltmore Village, Heiwa and the place that is now Green Tea). Now we have 4 downtown's too much. We need some more variety....

    1. Doc Cheys moved??? You sure you arent talking about CF Chans where the old Beanstreets coffee place used to be??

      1. I agree that there are a ridiculous amount of sushi joints in that area, but I highly recommend Kubo's. Some of the best sushi that I have had in Asheville for a long time. very fresh, very creative, although the menu is extremely long and thus a bit disorienting. The toro I had there on my first visit was the best I've tried -- like the richest tuna butter...

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're right...sorry, I meant CF Chan's.

          1. re: miss piggy

            The city has plans to erect the arches right by Doc Chey's and just past Wasabi and it will officially be Asheville's Chinatown - right after Pack Square is completed.

            1. re: sluggrock

              Really? A Chinatown? Since when does a gracious handful of Asian restaurants on a main drag constitute a Chinatown?

              1. re: charlottecooks

                Charlottecooks - I'm sure sluggrock was just being facetious

                1. re: leahinsc

                  Indeed, I am. Don't mean to ruffle any feathers, I'm just agreeing that there are lots of sushi joints in A'ville. That spot (that used to house Rio Burrito) was slated for a buger joint (which Asheville desperately needs) and now has a sign informing us that Ten10 Sushi is soon to arrive. Getting back to the start of this thread, word on the street is that the former CF Chan's will be a new cafe offering all-natural items on their menu. An ex-Earthfare higher-up is said to be behind the venture and will be offering organic and all-natural sandwiches and the like. Leah, thanks for recognizing my (perhaps not so humorous) humor.