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Jan 17, 2008 12:35 PM

NOLA Farmer's Markets

In your opinion, which Farmer's Market in New Orleans is the best for fresh foods I can cook with? I have found that a few are heavy on the prepared food end, but don't have tons of fresh food.

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  1. How many are there, really?

    I know of the Tuesday market on Broadway and Saturday market downtown: http://www.crescentcityfarmersmarket....

    What others have you found?

    1. The Tuesday market on Broadway has tons of fresh vegetables, fruits and a few meats and at least one seafood stand.

      1. It seems, surprisingly, there are quite a few Farmer's Markets popping up. Besides the Tuesday Market at Uptown Square, the Saturday Morning Market (on Magazine in the Warehouse District) has reopened. (it's run by the same organization as the Tuesday market, the Crescent City Farmer's Market, in the place where they also put on "Festivus") but my recollection is that historically it seemed to serve less produce than it's uptown sibling. To be fair, I haven't been since they re-opened). There is also a Freret Street Farmer's Market, it's on a Saturday, but I believe it's only once a month. I could be wrong. And I saw a sign the other day for a (Broadmoor ?) Farmer's Market, on Claiborne, near the Calhoun shopping area I believe, but I don't know much about it, think it was for Thursday afternoon. I look forward to checking them all out. What a cool industry to be growing in the City.

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          That Thursday market is at the Episcopal church on Claiborne -- I know Pete and Clara's seafood was there a few weeks ago, at least-- they are at the Tuesday market, too.

          1. re: JGrey

            Do they still have the Farmer's market by the American Can Co. building?
            The one on Freret is more artists than a farmers market and it's just the first Saturday of each month. They had food, but it was all prepared.

            1. re: roro1831

              I don't think so. That was a Crescent City Farmer's Market deal, too, and they're just doing Tuesday and Saturday now.

          2. re: swampsue

            One reason the Saturday CBD market isn't as packed as the Tuesday market is competition - there is also a Saturday market at the train depot in old downtown Gretna.

            The CBD one, though, is generally pretty good - several fruit vendors, several veggie vendors, a mushroom vendor, usually a meat vendor, generally 2-3 fish/seafood vendors, a few bakeries, Smith's creamery every other week, and a couple prepared-food folks.

            1. re: Burgoober

              The Gretna market is nice--it takes place under a big pavilion, with lots of parking nearby (and a coffeeshop, too). The German Coast farmer's market is in Destrehan (at Ormond plantation) on Saturdays and in Luling on's smallish, but most of the vendors are seriously local (within 10 miles or so). I hear good things about the Covington farmer's market, but it's not in my 'hood, so I've never been personally.