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Jan 17, 2008 12:31 PM

blackbird substitute; 7 people

A friend's dad is treating 6 of us to diner. We intended to go to blackbird, but the times don't work out. I'm looking for something that is just as good food-wise, similar prices, and with an atmosphere that is not too stuffy (this is important). I was thinking one sixtyblue based on other posts...Thoughts on that or any other suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I would say Naha. Food is on par with Blackbird and there's a nice energy to the room. Probably a bit more "boisterous" than one sixtyblue.

    Restaurant Naha
    500 North Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610

    1. Definitely one sixtyblue. The only casual place I've been to in the city where the food is better than Blackbird (which is high praise indeed). And it's not at all stuffy. Great choice.

      1. I'd have a difficult time choosing between Naha and One Sixtyblue -- I think they're both excellent recommendations.

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          We are doing a suprise birthday party for my dad. we are having about 60-100 people. Can a someone let me know what they believe is the better place to have it, Bin 36 or Naha?

          1. re: TheSwirlGirl

            While I prefer Naha, don't know that it has a private space large enough for 100 people. Why are those the only two choices?

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              You might want to post this as a new topic so it gets more attention, rather than buried here under this completely other request :)

              1. re: TheSwirlGirl

                Unless you are planning a buyout, neither Bin 36 or Naha has private space for 100.

              1. I have been to both and second (or third) the Naha vote!