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Jan 17, 2008 12:27 PM

HELP! Need decent black and white cookie near Lancaster, PA

We are transplants from Manhattan and are desperate to find a decent black and white cookie anywhere near Lancaster, PA. Can anyone help us?

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  1. Have you tried La Dolce Vita in downtown? This place is located on Duke Street near the courthouse and is run by sisters who lived in NYC. They have great baked goods, and have coffee available. There are some chairs on the sidewalk and inside. I don't know for sure if they have black and white cookies, but either way it's a nice place to spend some time.

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      La Dolce Vita definitly has black and white cookies and they are great. One of my favorite items.

      1. re: lancastermike

        Thank you!

        I called and ordered some. yey!

    2. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember seeing them at the Panera on the Fruitville pike. I don't know how good they'll be, but they seem to do a pretty decent job with baked goods.


      1. I don't recall ever seeing B&Ws at La Dolce Vita (but they have a lot of other good stuff). I've tried the B&W at Panera and it's not bad, but it doesn't quite hit the cookie/cake duality in the right spot. It's more cookie-like than a traditional NY B&W. The best one I've had in PA was from Fourth Street Deli in Philly. They also have outstanding rugelach and the best cheesecake I've had west of the Bronx.

        Most Lancaster bakers don't work well outside their comfort zone. Very few of the NY specialties make it here intact. There's no decent rye bread, no hard rolls, and only so-so bagels. I did find a fabulous Brooklyn Blackout cake once, though, at Giant of all places, and Aschenbach's has good eclairs (as big as your arm). Other than that, you tend to find a lot of angel food cake and shoofly pie, both of which I find totally inedible. Pretty damn fine donuts, though.

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          Haven't tried the B&W's at La Dolce Vita, but mmmmm their stuff is good!
          Vladimir, have you tried the breads and rolls at Dosie Dough? Had a loaf of rye from there last week that was the closest I've had since moving to Lancaster 7 years ago! There is one in Lititz and one on Lemon St (have only been to the Lititz store). Let me know what you think

        2. I appreciate all your help! Thank you so much!