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Jan 17, 2008 12:27 PM

Rise Number One--Open yet? Been there?

I see that Rise Number One was supposed to open on Lovers on January 15. Has anyone been there (assuming it opened)? If so, what did you think??

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  1. I finally found the website and it is open. If anyone has been there, please let me know your comments!

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      Went last night. We just had the boring old chocolate souffle but it was fantastic. Very light and fluffy. We also had the bordeaux wine fight. I saw your post on Charlie Palmers so you know your wine. That's a good thing. It was painful to listen to our server try to pronounce the wines as she sat down the glasses but there was no information sheet or anything offered with them so you have to just remember what is what. They did say the wine list was under construction and they've only been open since Tues so I'll give them a chance to train their servers. Other than half dozen or so sweet souffles they have a short but interesting menu of savory dishes (as well as souffles) and cheeses. The space is very cool and bistro-ish. We met the owner and she seemed very passionate about her place.

    2. We stopped in for dessert and coffee yesterday afternoon. We had the chocolate souffle which was excellent. They have a very small menu with savory souffles & sweet souffles. They also have cheese, soups, salads, sandwiches and a few other other non-souffle desserts. Very charming place, I am eager to go back and have a meal there.

      1. Went last night. Beautiful architecture inside - cozy and asymmetrical. Great whimsical design touches, like: a ring of birch trees, book-lined shelves, Scrabble pieces on the tables, water tumblers made from the bottom 3rd of wine bottles.

        The souffles were good - made to typical spec, but with about 15 savory / sweet options available. Standouts were the escargot, mushroom, and raspberry flavors. Very unique house vinaigrette, too - struck an unmistakable chocolate note.

        Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves. It was a little odd to see just sandwiches, salads, and souffles on the dinner menu; I predict that more dinner-like entrees will creep onto the menu in the coming months.

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          15 choices? Wow, they must have really expanded the menu. I visited exactly a week ago, and there were approximately 5 savory and 4 dessert options at that point. Everything we had was spot on, though for some reason I couldn't put my finger on, I wasn't over the moon in love. There were a couple kinks in the service, which was to be expected, and the owner tended to hover, which might have colored my experience a little. Nevertheless, I did enjoy my food (jambon and gruyere souffle and french onion soup) and plan to return soon to try more.

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