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Jan 17, 2008 12:26 PM

La Régalade, yum

This is to share some pictures from my latest dinner at La Régalade. This is one of the best bistrots in Paris, for food lovers -- this really is three-stars techniques and ingredients in a 32 euro 3 course menu.

They're here:

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  1. STOP! (ARRÈT!) You're making me hungry!

    That looks fantastic. I have to go there. Merci bien for the pictorial review.

    1. I am calling the airline to book my trip immediately. Well, not really, but I wish I could and dine there tomorrow!

      1. Glad you liked it. The idea of going there emerged from my discovery two days earlier at les Elysées that good truffles have finally arrived this season. I thought: how to satisfy my love of truffle without reinforcing my stake in organized crime? La Régalade was the solution. That said, the les Elysées lunch was pretty impressive and good value itself -- some pics there:

        1. souphie, thanks for the pics! I have a *thing* for egg dishes and that looks right up my alley. Do they have a table large enough to fit seven people comfortably? This looks like a delicious possibility for my trip in March.

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          1. re: shortstop

            They have room (40 seats) but no one ever sits comfortably at la Régalade. This is the limit of their great concept of top notch food at hard discount prices. They have to compensate the low margins by high volume, which means you are seating on your neighbours' lap (which is only sometimes pleasant) and there are almost three services a night (last night I was at 7.15, on a table reserved by a latecomer of the first service of 9, and the alternative was the "second" service of 10pm).

            In contrast, I even think it demonstrates why traditional fine dining is as it is. Yesterday, we had a roast duck (pics to come, I am correcting them now) and it was just as nice an animal and as perfect a cooking as I ever had. That's when not having time, not having room for the elbows and not having room on the table for everything feels. That's probably detrimental to the quality of the overall experience. Of course I'm not being critical -- it is just that everything has a price: you really can't have a fine dining experience at bistrot prices. But the good news is, you can have fine dining food at bistrot prices.

              1. re: souphie

                Lovely pictures and top notch reporting, thank you. I have to ask, does the restaurant staff ever get "annoyed" when guests take pictures of each dish, the room etc, or sit and take notes while dining?

                1. re: mdietrich

                  Not at all. La Régalade staff is really nice. But good luck with taking notes given the room on the table. I was lucky that I was there early so I had some room in the beginning, but the real issue is how do you find the right angle with your Reflex camera whan you can't move.