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Jan 17, 2008 12:16 PM

Home Delivery - what do you tip$? (moved from Ontario board)

As someone who used to work in the restaurant biz, I tend to be a generous tipper. But I always struggle with what to give the guy at the door. Especially since I don't find out that the order is screwed up until after I open the box.

I'd love to hear what other's CHers in Toronto feel is appropriate or what guiding principles you use if any.

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  1. To be honest, I don't know how much the driver has to do with whether the right stuff was put in the bag... I tip just because it's convention, and because I know the person's probably not making very much money. Is that wrong?

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    1. re: Full tummy

      Not wrong to me. I really don't know much about Toronto, but I have to assume that (like the wait staff in a restaurant), these people are paid very little and are expected to make their money from tips. And as you say, they probably have nothing to do with the quality of what is in the box or how long it took someone to get it ready for them to deliver.

      1. re: bnemes3343

        I agree with bnemes. The delivery boy has nothing to do with what is in the box. But his good manners and his promptness have an influence on my generosity!

    2. My DH is a cab owner and a good tipper. He knows what it's like to not receive a tip, even for extra services rendered.

      Usually, he tips the delivery person 15% or 20% depending on how fast we received our food.

      1. I tend to tip about $2.50 - $3.00 (I don't really know, but I probably base that amount subconsciously based on 15% of a pizza) for a delivery. I'm not sure why one would tip a percentage of the price, given that it's no more difficult to deliver a $15 pizza than $100 of chinese food (for example).


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        1. re: detritus

          We generally order in from Swiss Chalet, China House and a Pizza place(can't remember who but it doesn't's a chain ) The Drivers all get the same, generally 2 dollars..if it's a 'bad' night of driving I would increase the Tip.

            1. re: cocolou

              Wow, gotta say that is relatively low, unless you ordered something that only cost you $10. Most take out orders tend to be near the $20-40 range and therefore the tip of only $2 would be ever so low.

              1. re: justagthing

                $20-$40 delivery from Swiss Chalet ? What do you order, if I may ask?

                1. re: chouchou

                  don't know what swiss chalet is, i was just saying when i order in, it is usually b/c there are other over and the bill tends to be more.

                  1. re: chouchou

                    Have you ordered from Swiss Chalet recently? Even a quarter chicken dinner for delivery is $10.00. With a salad or soup, some drinks, and a dessert or two, the bill can climb to upwards of $30.00 plus tax for two people! Prices are cheaper in the restaurant.

            2. re: detritus

              it's also no more difficult to bring a $30 entree than a $15 one to a table in a sit-down restaurant, yet we tip based on overall cost of the meal. not sure why tipping delivery people would require a different logic.

              1. re: Kasia

                My understanding is that in a great many restaurants, the tips are shared with the kitchen/bar staff, etc. I don't imagine a delivery person does the same.


                1. re: detritus

                  Josh, I don't think so either. Kitchen, waiters etc. have their own share of stress but they stay dry and warm. They don't have to drive by all kinds of weather, double park, run up the stairs or the elevators to face a hungry customer in a bad mood! They deserve a good tip.

              2. re: detritus

                Its also no more difficult for the server to bring me a $10 chicken sandwich than a $40 NY strip in a sit down restaurant, but those tips are based on percentage. Why shouldn't delivery follow the same rules?

                Edited: D'oh! I guess I should have kept reading. It seems that Kasia and I are sharing the same brain tonight...

              3. Wow... Two Dollars.

                Sure you're not getting the white linen service of being in the actual Chinese restaurant or the Swiss Chalet. But some guy has brought food *to your house*. With his gas. In his own car. Maybe on a cold/rainy/snowy night. He's getting minimum wage. If that.

                15 percent seems pretty fair to me.

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                1. re: Markaroni

                  Oh damn! Now I really feel badly...Two dollars is what my husband thinks is fair and I guess I have always gone along with it..poor judgement on my part..will remedy for sure....I think 15 % is a better idea...........thanks.

                  1. re: Markaroni

                    Right thank you I am a driver we make $7.25 an hour and work 3 to 6 hour shifts and pay our own gas so if I work 3 hours that's $21.75 after gas off of that $10.00 is what I made not including repairs and insurance so we rely on tips that's our pay check . With out them it costs us to deliver your food and gift card people rarely tip they think wow free dinner also if the kitchen makes a mistake we have to return again get screamed at and waste more gas an miss another potential tip I get no tips all the time and 5 cents 10 cents it's unreal if you can afford to order 50 in food you can tip $5 minimum ideal 15 to18 % is proper but I most of the time get 2% if any at all I have 4 kids and lost my main job 30 days before Christmas somthis is all Ihave I can't just quit it so I'm stuck at the moment I'm at least trying and not holding a sign begging for free money but I'd most likely make more if I did this is facts I amd going in tonight after making $32.20 last night in the snow storm I hope I can make
                    More I have to feed my kids and pay bills to please tip the driver he gets penny's and they are gone now thanks

                  2. IMO the driver delivers the stuff and he does not have anything to do with what he is delivering. For a $20 pizza, I feel that $2 is a minimum, before opening the box. If you don't like what is in the box, then you can call the store and complain, don't you think?