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Jan 17, 2008 11:49 AM

Bagels & lox, pickled herring, kippered salmon in Queens

I live in Rego Park and have been wandering the neighborhood looking for a place that has it all...bagels, lox, nova, pickled herring in cream and wine sauce, sable, chubs, white fish, kippered salmon. The closest I come is Gotta Getta Bagel. Not bad, but they don't have pickled herring, just chopped herring. Other bagel joints have bagels and nova, but no lox. None of the places I've found have the herring I crave. Do I have to go to Gramercy Park to get what I want, or is there some place in Queens I can go to get my Jew on?

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  1. The Rego smoked fish company does mostly wholesale but has a retail counter that is open most days (you need to call first, the hours are a little sketchy). They have everything you are looking for and the quality/prices are great. The address is 69-80 75th Street, Middle Village. 718-326-2170. You will never find it unless you look hard. There isn't a sign, just a big metal door. Good luck and enjoy!

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    1. re: jennielap

      Is that the place that is now Aarons kosher meat?

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        Don't know, where is that? Oh God hope it isn't closed, we'll never be able to host Break Fast again!

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          The butcher is sharing space with Rego Smoked Fish. We had fish from there for New Years. Yummy....

      2. the bagel store on 108th st near 65th st is good for all those things. they have very good spreads, etc.

        1. myclawyer: where are you from originally/? i'm from philly and we grew up with kippered salmon but most times when i ask for that here, i get blank stares . baked salmon is what it's usually called in brooklyn.

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            i noticed that too lol, im from philly orig.

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              I was born at Forest Hills Hospital on 102nd Street and 66th Ave :) I call it kippered salmon because that's what my family has always called it. We are all from Queens/Brooklyn. I too get blank stares today. I wonder why the term has lost itself here.