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Jan 17, 2008 11:46 AM

Chinese restaurants (Good ones)

Really Good Chinese restaurants in South Nassau? Are there any?
I just can’t find a really GOOD Chinese restaurant in South Nassau without going to Elmhurst or Flushing.
I live in Long Beach and there are dozens of great Japanese restaurant there but not ANY good Chinese
PS Have care will travel But not to far!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I grew up in Pt Lookout and I can suggest one chinese restaurant in Merrick that I think is still open and was my fathers' fav ,Hunan Gourmet ,sugg's>fried dumplings light crispy skins sweet yet flavorful sauce, har gow, Sizzling two delacacies, orange beef and all prawn dishes are pretty good.Good luck also a place in levittown called Hunam was pretty good lame decor but who cares....

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      1. re: staleyfan

        I've been to Hunan Gourmet many times in the past, but it's gone way down hill. I mean way down.
        Anyway, it was not even that good when it was good.
        I’m talking about real Chinatown type places. Not ONE from column A TWO from column B places.

        1. re: the queen

          Both Hunan Gourmet and Hunam are gone. No great loss IMHO.

          1. re: MKS

            I agree. The days of 1 from column "A" are gone

        2. Try the Orient in Bethpage. The best i have found.

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          1. re: Paperking

            The Orient is very good. The only problem is if you get a waiter with very poor English, so that communication is difficult, you may not get what you really want. So far, it is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Nassau & Suffolk.

            1. re: Fred19

              Thank God for the Orient....While I've been going since they opened, language has never been a real problem....If it does happen, look for the owner, he's always around and speaks great English

          2. try fortune wheel in levittown,they call it seafood, but its chinese, waiters are not the friendliest but its worth it, weekend dim sum is amazing, always packed , especially with chinese
            the orient is also up there
            and a new place opened but they have been in queens for a while, zongs shanghi

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            1. re: eomnonroe00

              and i cant believe i forgot kwong ming, in wantagh , been there geeze, 50, years? maybe
              best eggrolls i have ever had, best shrimp lobster sauce, try the the five season chicken wing app.

              1. re: eomnonroe00

                Been there, sorry but the food tasted like it was 50, years old lol.

            2. To reiterate, you're correct in nothing good in South Nassau.
              Best I've experienced in Nassau are Fortune Wheel in Levittown and Zong's Shanghai in Bethpage.
              I've not been to the Orient but heard repeated praise on this board and from other afficionados.

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              1. re: dude

                I've heard a lot about Zong's Shanghai in Bethpage, but I have yet to try it.

                1. re: the queen

                  get any of the braised dishes or casseroles