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Jul 14, 2001 05:23 PM

Bayou St John Restaurant

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I found the best cajun and creole food at a restaurant called Bayou St John in Seal Beach. I'm originally from New Orleans and I've been looking for a good cajun restaurant for the past 25 years and to no avail until now. They have all of my favorites like red beans & rice, gumbo, Louisiana oysters and jambalaya. And the blackend prime rib makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Their menu is so extensive that I have to go at least three times a month to get through half of the menu. I LOVE IT!

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  1. I'm from Ouachita Parish. Up north. But Cajun food is the same all over Louisiana. I ate at Bayou St. John years ago and was perfectly delighted with the food. I was so excited the first time I went there that I asked them if they could make me a special combination. No problem. Ambience even
    reminded me of home. White tablecloths. Silver coffeepot. Chicory coffee. Glad you reminded me it was still there.