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Jan 17, 2008 11:39 AM

Polish food-Pirate in Norwalk

I started craving Polish food this morning after being reminded of a place I like in NYC:

And, lo and behold I see two options in Norwalk today! One a little grocery place on the Post Road (near Falafel Inn - same side of street), and, the second being the reopening of the Pirate restaurant on Wall Street. How excited I was to know real pierogies are available close by!

Anyone been yet? I'm going to check it out tonight.

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  1. just went for the first time two weeks ago. the food was quite good, but nothing was hot. the pierogies are also not sauteed after cooking like they should be, just tossed in melted butter. but the stuffed cabbage was spot on. my daughter had the goulash, it was quite homey and good. another thing that was killer was the croquettes they serve qwith the borscht. try it, it wasn't too hard on the wallet, worth a shot.

    1. Have you been to the Warsaw Deli in Stamford - it's Polish heaven. They don't have a restaurant, but you can get great stuff to take out and the cold cuts are impeccable!

      1. Yeah, definitely not hard on the wallet, in fact, the prices were phenomenal for the quality of food. I think they can charge alot more without any problem. The pierogies I ordered were sauteed in butter and onions and were very tasty. There were maybe 10-12 on the plate, which cost $6.95, I think - that's a great value for anyone.

        My only complaint that is not really a complaint - it wasn't like my granny's Polish food, so I'm automatically biased. You know, I can't duplicate her stuff! But, it's great that we have a Polish option here without having to head to the city or up to Polish-land outside of Hartford.

        Will try Warsaw- thanks for that lead.

        1. I drove around looking for this Polish grocery in the hopes satisfying a craving for pickle soup.. is it still in business.. also the Pirate Restaurant is not answering the phone. The Falafel Inn is there.. and never heard of either place.

          Will look again.. but if anyone knows about the grocery.. please give me the location or a name.

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            The grocery store you're looking for is called A Taste of Europe, and is located on the Post Road in Norwalk, across from the Post Office. Same side and down from Penzey's, but before Falafel. I sits back from the road (due to the parking lot). It's small, but is packed with most things Polish. Plenty of deli meats, sausages, cheese, etc. They have a freezer-full of pierogies and other homemade items...not sure about pickle soup. I don't know how the price points compare, but everything I've had so far has been very good.

          2. Don't forget to buy the butter at the Polish deli - the best butter anywhere on the coastline here. Straight from Poland. I had been buying my butter from Italy at Balducci's but the Polish butter beats them hands down. And it's cheap too!