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Jul 14, 2001 01:44 PM

craving shabu-shabu

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Can anyone recommend a good place for shabu-shabu (with good atmosphere) or an authentic izaka-ya?

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  1. Mmmmmmm shabu. Try a search on the main CH page for "los angeles shabu shabu" and you'll get four pages of goodies. But here's a link to start with. Good luck.


    1. I love shabu-shabu, the restaurant called Shabu Shabu house on 2nd street in Little Tokyo is great but the lines are long. A new place opened a few months ago, Shabu Shabu station, Wilshire Boulevard at St. Andrews (Between Wilton & Western). It's a few dollars more but you get tons more food, nicer atmosphere.

      1. On the westside, there are two places:
        1. Mizu 212, trendy, rather expensive, upscale place at 212(I think) Sawtelle between Santa Monica and Olympic.

        2. (which I prefer) is a little place called Shabu Hachi kitty corner from Ralphs at Barrington @ Olympic. In the 7-11 shopping center. More reasonably priced, better portions, less attitude.


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          shabu shabu fan

          There is a good shabu shabu restaurant in Torrance.
          The name of the restaurant is gyushintei.