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Jan 17, 2008 11:13 AM

12th and University

Is there a new restaurant at 12th and University? I saw something good, not Olympic Pita and now I can't find it. Does anyone know?

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  1. WOK TO WALK This first American franchise of an Asian food chain that is based in Amsterdam opened yesterday. Customers choose ingredients to be stir-fried: 106 University Place (12th Street), (212) 206-8584.

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    1. re: Whatsgood

      I just ate here and was pretty disappointed. I had the whole wheat noodles with beef and tofu, and it was a flashback to bad fast-food Chinese, including the container which one is forced to eat out of (even if eating in). The menu makes it sound healthy, but it was basically noodles drowned in greasy sauce which pooled to a nice depth at the bottom of the container, with fatty beef and eerily-firm-but-bland tiny pieces of tofu. There were a few pieces of vegetables thrown in, but it was basically a bad version of fast-food lo mein.
      Anyone else try the other things on the menu?

      1. re: streamwise

        On Wed I had egg noodles, with tofu, chicken, broccoli, and the "spicy" Saigon sauce...and peanuts to go. I have to say I liked it. It's not GREAT, but it's cheap and clean and a heap of noodles. I work at NYU, it seems like a nice fresh option for students and faculty alike. Sort of the exact opposite of Japonica which is a fresh and just okay Japanese restaurant and is WAY expensive and overhyped for what it is.

        In my noodles, chicken was tasty, tofu was firm which is how I like it: tofu can come in any style from extra-firm to gelatinously soft -- that's not weird. Sauce, which they seemed to indicate was extra spicy, was not spicy at all.

        I'd go back.

    2. Jack is very good - their scallop salad is to die for!