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Jan 17, 2008 11:10 AM

Any Dai (Yunnan province) cuisine in NY?


Does anyone know of a place in NY, any borough, that specializes in Dai cuisine? If anyone has been to Beijing and visited The Golden Peacock, you would understand my intense craving for those fried potato balls... thanks!

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  1. Try the Yunnan Flavor (Flavour) Snack Shop in Sunset Park. There were posts in 2007 about it. Search the boards for more info. Good reviews from many people.

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      Yunnan Snack is great food. Great spicy soup dishes. Not sure if they have fried potato balls, but the owners were really nice when I've been. The woman speaks very little English, but the guy spoke a bit when I was there. They might be able to point you to any other places where you could get food from Yunnan province.