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Jan 17, 2008 11:05 AM

Favorite bar for large groups of people?

I'm having a get together for about 15 people on a Friday night, and since they'll be arriving at various times in the evening doing dinner is out of the question. Anyone know of a relatively quiet bar/lounge that has food, booze and hopefully enough seating for everyone? Must be Midtown or lower.

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  1. I believe Turtle Bay around 2nd ave and 51 can accomodate.

    1. If you can get there fairly early, and commandeer the front room at Lederhosen, you should be very happy. I've seen it with almost 15 people sitting in it, but also taken it up myself with four people. The fake brick and electric fireplace are slightly cheesy, but I think that was part of the aim. Afterall, it is a place whose name translates to "leather pants," but it is still really only a German beer hall. The front room is called the Stamtisch Room and is supposed to mean gathering place, or so I have been told.

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      1. ps 450 surprisingly has really good food. it is on park in the 20's. not sure how quiet it is though. do you prefer east or west side?

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          It gets very loud. And it's between 30th & 31st. Agree that the food is pretty good.

        2. You may want to check out Telephone Bar. I like Lederhosen but it's really small. Front room can't accomodate 15. If you want German you might look at Loreley. Food at Turtle Bay is pretty abysmal. In the Murray Hill area there's Choice and Mad Hatter. Jake's Saloon in Chelsea. One and One on first and first. There are lots of options, but as far as how crowded any one of them might be is definitely a wildcard.

          1. I like Art Bar in the Village. It's pretty chill, and if you want, you can book the back room.