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Jan 17, 2008 11:03 AM

Where can I buy quail eggs in MSP?

I'm making a salad on Saturday that includes quail eggs and I can't remember where I've seen them. Does anyone know?

Also, does anyone have a fool-proof technique for soft boiling them?

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  1. You can get them at Shuang Her (sp?) on Nicollet and about 27th, across from Quang. They are locally sourced too.

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      i always try googling these types of questions, but i know in the back of my mind i will always end up coming to chowhounds for the answer cause they know!

    2. I'm pretty sure I have seen them at the local co-ops, or Kowalski's..

      1. I saw them at Mississippi Market coop on Selby earlier this week.

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          I've seen them quite frequently at Mississippi Market....

        2. I'm pretty sure they sell them at Dragon Star on Dale and Pierce Butler in St. Paul, in case that's closer to you.

          Totally inexperienced with quail egg prep, so no tips on preparation for ya.

          1. You can definitely get em at ChinaStar on Dale in St. Paul. They're cleaner than Shuang Hur beyond a doubt, but still not--errr, neat as a pin clean. For that, it may be worth checking United Noodle, who do a great job of rotating stock etc.

            As for preparing them--I'm ovaphobic (heh!) and quail eggs frighten me! But I wonder if Joy Of Cooking (an older edition) might have some good info?