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Jan 17, 2008 11:00 AM

Dinner Somewhere In Between? (Brookline & Kingston)

As more and more of my friends are moving to the 'Burbs...dining downtown is increasingly becoming a less desireable option for them. Hence, the challenge of finding somewhere to meet for dinner on a Saturday night (usually just after kids get fed and babysitter arrives) that's in between me (City Hound) and them (Country Hound).

Such is the challenge for this coming weekend. I'm in search of some ideas for dinner between Boston and "The South Shore" so that we both drive about the same distance.

Should have parking, good food, good value and entrees below $20 (do we need ressies?). Neither one of us are picky, bring on the suggestions!

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  1. Cafe Tosca and Stars in Hingham. And the newish Scarlet Oak Tavern looks like a possibilitiy and is pretty reasonable (where Rustic Kitchen used to be I think).

    1. I can recommend some places in Quincy, which all have free parking either on Hancock St., or the Ross parking garage.

      Little Q HotPot is a fun place to go and try something new. The food is delicious and healthy. There's a lot of discussion of it on this board, so just search.

      Across the street from Little Q, there's Terra Brasilis, which is a decent Brasilian Churrascaria. The beef is fantastic, the chicken and turkey are excellent, and the pork is very good. The lamb is a little overdone for my taste, but you can eat as much as you want of anything. I forget the price, but it's around $20/pp.

      There are two new places also in Quincy Center which are quite good. Blue22 bar and grille has an interesting fusion menu of Asian and American comfort food. They have homemade potstickers, and hoisin-basted ribs on the same menu with meatloaf and beer-basted burgers (all of which I've tried and they are delicious).

      The other place is the Fat Cat, which I tried last week for the first time. The food was very tasty and the service excellent. The atmosphere is nice for a relaxing dinner out on the "town". The lobster mac and cheese was decadent and very tasty. The Fat Cat is on Chestnut St., about a block from the Quincy Courthouse.

      I don't think you'd need reservations at any of these places, but you might want to call the Fat Cat and see if they take reservations.

      One other idea, if you like Mexican food, there's an excellent, fairly authentic Mexican restaurant called El Sarape, which is in Weymouth Landing. I love it and have eaten there many times. It's usually very busy on a Saturday night, so you may want to check if they take reservations.

      El Sarape
      5 Commercial St, Braintree, MA 02184

      Terra Brasilis Restaurant
      1506 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02169

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        Two of my favorite restaurants in New England (regardless of the area) happen to be on that route.

        Sintra in Braintree and 53 South in Norwell.

        I've been to Scarlet Oak Tavern in Hingham and it's not a bad place. Good flatbread pizza with caramelized onions and truffle oil, and an awesome Blue Crab Cheese Dip!

      2. We actually have the same issue come up all the time in meeting friends halfway between Plymouth and Boston. A good halfway place is Trattoria San Pietro on Route 53 in Norwell about 3 mins off exite 13 Rte. 3. Good Italian , nice room and bar, reasonably priced and easy parking. Reservations are a good idea on weekends.

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        1. re: Shamrock22

          I'd disagree with Shamrock on Trattoria S.P.; the food is decent, but i'd say it is over priced for the quality/portion/service. I've been to Ember in Marshfield, MA off exit 12 several times in the past few months, and have been very pleased-'creative american' is the catch phrase, but it definitely fits the bill here! It is also quite beautiful and there are plenty of quiet tables to linger at with good friends and a bottle of wine.

        2. Just as an update- we ended up going to The Fat Cat in Quincy (parking! yay!). A good choice, too. We got there and only waited 15 minutes at the bar for a seat. From front door to bar to table-side, service was friendly and first rate. My friend had the lobster mac & cheese (good, but no Silvertone) and I had pulled pork sandwich (really, really, really good). It was packed when we left (our total was $32) and our bellies were beyond full. Check them out...

          1. Just wanted to shoot an update about Scarlet Oak Tavern... saw the recommendation here on this board, and I actually got a chance to try it last night. Verdict: WONDERFUL! A welcome addition to the small (but growing) list of chow worthy spots on the south shore. The range of apps, entrees and desserts (oh the desserts... moist ramekin baked carrot cake with caramel sauce served with housemade mascarpone... incredible!) makes this a perfect place for many appetites! The service is helpful, atmosphere comforting, and while this may seem like a small feature... they have normal sized coffee mugs, not tiny little tea cups! I'll definitely be going back for more... bravo!