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Jan 17, 2008 10:56 AM

Authentic Sushi Place?

Anyone can recommend any AUTHENTIC sushi place, that is actually owned by a Japanese (rather than maybe Korean/Chinese/etc)? I cannot stand All-You-Can-Eat sushi place as the quality of sushi is not good. Many sushi places just serves the most common sushi - low quality Salmon, tuna, california rolls, etc. I am looking for REAL SUSHI, good quality ones.

Been to Japan and had their fresh and variety of sushi/sashimi at their fish market, and I really hope someone can recommended restaurants in Toronto that can serve similar quality sushi. I still remember how the fatty tuna in Japan melts in my mouth.. yum yum..

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    1. re: HarryLloyd

      Your first Toshi link appears to indicate a restaurant in Vancouver!

      Jimbay is okay but not as exciting as Kumai. Jimbay seemed mystified by my omakase request but they tried their best.

      1. re: HarryLloyd

        Have not tried all of these places, but I second Hiro. Excellent. Creative choices in both sushi and also other dishes (even the soups, I had a pumpkin miso soup there that was surprising, and delightful).

        1. re: HarryLloyd

          How does the quality of fish and the variety of items at Zen compare with those at Le Cafe Michi?

          1. re: HarryLloyd

            Had lunch at Aoyama recently and do not recommend it. The tea cups had a strong aroma of musty dishrag. Sushi was average.

            In contrast, a recent lunch at Kumai was virtually perfect. Even the miso soup there seems to have improved. However, the "new" server was really clueless. Thank goodness for the server who is there regularly and has a great memory.

          2. sushi threads come up nearly weekly and sometimes even more often than that. there's even a japanese by japanese thread out there!

            use the search and check the history.

            1. It may be too much to ask for quality similar to the Tsukiji fish market.

              However to get something reasonably good in comparison, Zen's sushi omakase is the closest similar in style to what you get in Tsukiji, and it usually contains a piece of o-toro sushi.

              1. Kaji. Most authentic of the authentics mentioned by others! A bit out of the way, but worth it.

                Sushi Kaji
                860 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1N7, CA

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                1. re: MyCrazyDawg

                  If one wants authentic sushi experience and price range like the Tokyo fish market, go to have the sushi omakase at Zen's sushi bar.

                  If one wants authentic expensive (double or more than the fish market) high end Japanese cuisine with both raw and cooked items(as there is no sushi a la carte), go to Sushi Kaji.

                  1. re: skylineR33

                    Dined at Zen yesterday. While the restaurant arguably servers "better" or "fresher" fish than Cafe Miche, personally I don't think it's better "value". I still think Aoyama is overrated.

                2. I like Ematei (St. Patrick slightly north of Queen).

                  It's not top-of-the-line, break-the-bank authentic, but Mr. Rabbit is snobby half-Japanese, and Ematei's offerings are enough to satisfy his cravings (and also, apparently, those of many Toronto-residing Japanese ex-pats) in a fiscally responsible way.

                  We really do need to try Japango (and Kaji).

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                  1. re: Rabbit

                    Ematei is only good (or ok) at cooked food, for sushi, it is nowhere close to Zen or Cafe Michi. Japango has been going downhill for a while in terms of sushi.

                    1. re: skylineR33

                      Michi is in Scarborough, right? Anything you'd recommend in the downtown core, skyline?

                      1. re: Rabbit

                        Yes, Michi is in Scarborough, it is superb in value with great quality as mentioned by others. I like going to Ichiriki if I am in downtown (order the items written on the blackboard). Also the chirashi sushi of Japango (mainly lunch) if in downtown core.