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Best Cheap Eat in sherman oaks area

Whats a good bang for the buck under 10 bucks in the sherman oaks area?

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  1. El Katracho on Burbank
    Pico Pica on Magnolia
    The Stand hot dogs in Encino on Ventura
    Zankou Chicken on Sepulveda
    Pita House on Van Nuys
    LEda's Cupcakes on Ventura
    Lemongrass on Van Nuys
    Farm Boy FroYo at Farm Boy on Riverside

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      Good ones!

      Not quite Sherman Oaks, but I'd include pho on Sepulveda/Victory too.

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        I'm glad you mentioned Pico Pico. All of the corn tortillas are hecho de mano. That means the tacos, sopes, and huaraches are all on great tortillas. I love their carnitas, which is unusual for me. The biggest problem is consistency. When the older woman is working behind the counter, the tortillas and meats are great. When she is not there, they are good, but not as good as when she is.

        Sam Woo on Sepulveda and Victory is technically not Sherman Oaks, but for under $10, you can get a half duck or bbq pork from their counter.

        There is a new cupcake place that just opened in the center at Noble and Ventura. It is called Puddin' Out Cupcakes. I didn't try their cupcakes (the flavors at the time did not appeal to me), but I tasted a cookie and brownie. Very good. I think their prices are a little better than Leda's, which I also love.

        In that same center is Limelight Yogurt. It is a Pinkberry clone, but the yogurt is excellent and they have more toppings than either Pinkberry and Ce Fiore. Unfortunately, I fear they will not survive if Pinkberry moves in across the street, as rumored.

        Near Van Nuys Blvd is Spumoni. You can usually get pasta for just about $10. When you eat in, the restaurant often gives a free tiramisu for dessert.

      2. Bring back the Weiner Factory!!

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          Well, QT's hot dogs on Woodman between Ventura & Moorpark are very good as an alternative.

        2. La Fogata for Mexican fare. Great value all day long but especially at breakfast where omelets loaded with ingredients are served with beans, rice and tortillas for $5.50 including coffee.

          1. Tacos El Zorro (N. Hollywood but close enough I deem) northeast corner of Sherman Way and Coldwater. Tacos La Fonda (maybe too far from the target zone), northwest corner of Vineland and Vanowen in the car wash lot after 6:30 PM. Ate at La Fonda last night, 4 superb tacos washed down with a Jarritos for $7.00.

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              sushi don sasabune. NOT sherman Oaks but close enogu. Laurel Canyon and Riverside.

            2. Tommy's - Carney's - Nat's Early Bite - The Dip.

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                About The Dip...

                I've circled that place many times trying to get a parking space and it just doesn't happen.

                Where do you park when their places are full?

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                  IN one of the lots in back alley behind the stores, on the streets nearby, that kind of thing.

              2. Actually the salads at Stanley's on Ventura at Matilija are $10.95 in most cases, if that is close enough, and they do have other items on the menu around your price points, although the majority of the entree items are well above your threshold.
                The Dip's sandwiches are not the world's best, yet not bad at Ventura & Beverly Glen, especially the lamb one, dipped once plus horseradish sauce.

                1. For less than $10 the two of us eat more than we can hold on Sunday mornings at the Encino Farmer's Market. We start off with two different varieties of tamales and a mushroom-cheese-green onion pupusa which we share. After wandering the market we've sampled fudge, berries, apples, etc. It's one of our favorite weekend chores~!

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                    I enjoy the California Chicken Cafe in Encino for quick cheap food. 15601 Ventura Blvd

                  2. HOng Kong 88 on Sepulveda is something I like, but not everyone shares my opinion.

                    1. I like Hugo's Taco Stand on Coldwater and Riverside. Jinky's on Ventura near Woodman is good comfort food. Check the Deli counter at Whole Foods on Riverside and Coldwater or on Sepulveda and the 405.


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                      1. Obviously, In N' Out rules for a $2.95 double double.
                        I also like The Habit for their burger on Ventura and Cedros-ish.
                        I go to Roman's (Noble and Ventura) all the time with our 2 year old because it's exceedingly kid-friendly and while hardly a chowhounder's type vibe, the croissants are not half bad and tri tip french dip sandwich is pretty decent too (for I think 8ish bucks).
                        And Pita Kitchen is inconsistent but often perfect (I get the schwarma sandwich for 5 bucks and it comes with salad and humus INSIDE the pocket, which is cool)
                        And The Stand in Encino is awesome, especially for the Southern Slaw dog with a kosher dog (under 6 bucks)
                        And Tony's on Coldwater and Magnolia has very clean Mexican-ish food (I like the Santa Fe burrito with Mahi Mahi, really good when it's good, and big, and I think 6.95)
                        And at Krua Thai the Pad Thai Krua Thai (Sherman Way and Fulton-ish) is divine about 2 of every 3 times for about 6 bucks.
                        And I kinda like the huge pizza slice at El Greco's in the Gelson's mall on Van Nuys.

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                          second pita kitchen definitely!

                          also concur w/ hugo's and hugo's tacos.

                          carnival on woodman!!!
                          d'amore's pizza
                          nata's pastries for... natas and other goodies
                          leaf cuisine for easy raw
                          the dip (nostalgic for me too)
                          la fogata
                          mogo's AYCE mongolian bbq
                          leda's for sweets
                          four'n'20 for good breakfasts and pies

                        2. How could I forget a burger from Billy's Grill!

                          1. I forgot to mention Natas Bakery on Ventura just west of Fulton. Incredible pastries. They serve sandwiches as well, which if they are anything like the quality of the pastries should be great, but I have never tried one.

                            1. Also not quite sherman oaks, but close enough on laurel cyn and oxnard is
                              Skaf's Grill, awesome kabobs and skewers, as well as falafel and the like. Real good, and usually under $10.

                              For dessert, I would hop down laurel around riverside is Menchie's .
                              It's self serve fro yo with 10 rotating flavors and a ton of toppings, I like it cus I dont eat much and I usually just get like $2-3 worth of yogurt and I can get multiple flavors and toppings.

                              And I also second, Sushi Don on Laurel and Riverside. Not the best fish, but super cheap and the fish is still quality when you just need that quick sushi fix.

                              Also I'll have to second Tony's as well, I get that stuff delivered all the time. $7.95 for two fresh tacos, beans, rice, chips and salsa, all very tasty.

                              Oh, oh, and I'll totally second Carney's as well, I usually get the burgers or their tacos, cus I dont know what it is about hot dogs, I just dont like them, but I hear their hot dogs are great too.

                              Skaf's Grill
                              6008 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

                              Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
                              4849 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607

                              1. More votes for Zankou, Pita Kitchen, and Nat's Early Bite.